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Repairing hardwood floor scratches. Simply use a stain-filling marker that can be found at most hardware stores, which sell for under twenty dollars. Keep in mind that a stain filler only works for superficial hardwood floor scratches. Deeper hardwood floor scratches require a different sort of hardwood floor repair.  Deeper scratches required a wood filler. The filler requires sanding down and re-staining the hardwood floors. When you sand the hardwood floors down and stain it to match the floor though, you will be well on your way. You might not be sure what color to stain the filler. If this is the case, start by staining the filler a light color and then gradually work your way darker until the filler matches the other hardwood floor planks.

For scratches that cover a large area, use a sanding and re-staining technique on all of the affected areas. Then, follow this action up with a resealing with polyurethane. Matching the polyurethane to the existing hardwood floors might be a difficult task. Either way, be sure to match the existing polyurethane finish with the right polyurethane sheen: either gloss, semigloss, or satin. For your optimum result, coat the entire area you’re repairing even if you’re repairing only a small section.

After scratches, the next area of concern are those spots on the flooring that may have discoloration. Some discoloration may mean you need to replace the affected areas as such dark stains indicate those areas of the hardwood floors cannot be sanded. If the discoloration is lighter in color, however, you may be able to sand the problem and finish off and then scrubbing the boards with wood bleach, a product you will be able to local hardware stores. You will then need to re-stain and re-gloss.

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