How a Home’s Foundation Affects Heating and Cooling Costs?

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Did you know that heating and cooling systems in your home consume maximum energy to function smoothly?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 44% of your electricity bill includes energy used by these systems.

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

But the good news is that you can save money by following a few simple steps.

Here are 11 ways to save money in heating and cooling costs.

1 – Foundation

Check your home for any cracks or minor openings in and around all the windows and doors. Seal any cracks to prevent the loss of generated energy.

The infrastructure needs to be really good to ensure that hot or cool air doesn’t escape from tiny crevices.

It’s important to have a tight building envelope to boost the energy efficiency of any system.

This will also ensure that the indoor air quality is not affected.

2 – Sloping Floors

Were you aware that sloping or slanted floors can pose a problem for your HVAC systems?

They tend to create a crack between the door jamb and floor. The conditioned air can seep in through this gap.

So next time when you notice sloping floors as well as a rise in the energy bills, get your home inspected by a structural engineer.

This may cost you extra, but it’s certainly worth getting your home checked out

3 – Out of Balance Air Flow

Ducts can get disconnected. This can cause imbalancing and levelling problems. All this can happen due to severe foundation issues.

This can certainly affect the HVAC’s performance.

Additional issues can be crushed, blocked or even improperly installed duct runs

4 – Consider Programmable Thermostat

Flexible conditioning can be adjusted with the use of a programmable thermostat. You can program the heat and cold air as needed. For instance, warm air during nights and cooler air during the day.

Another advantage is that it can be automated. So you don’t have to remember to make it work for you. Set the programs and forget about it!

5 – Maintenance

To make your heating and cooling systems work with utmost efficiency, always maintain them. Doing this at regular intervals will save your money.

6 – Thick Curtains and Tin Foil

Protect the house from losing heat by using thick curtains.

You can do the same by installing heat reflecting foils behind radiators to ensure saving of energy. Try and use good quality aluminum kitchen foil.

7 – Fans

To set the thermostat at higher than the standard level, use fan and AC together.

With this hack, you can save power by making the temperatures comfortable in your home immediately.

8 – Furniture

Avoid placing large furniture in and around your HVAC systems because they tend to absorb the heat.

9 – Natural Gas

Using natural gas is the least expensive and a considerably good method to rely on. You can heat your homes, food, dry the laundry as well as cook with the help of natural gas.

10 – Lock Up

Keep the doors of the rooms that are not being used closed. This will prevent loss of warm and fresh air.

11 – Windows

Replacing windows is a massive investment.

So you need to get it done right the first time around. Consult a structural engineer who can advise you on the best solution.

Any heating AC repair company may be able to guide you on how you can save on heating and cooling costs with your current foundation too. Contact them today on Same Day Pros and schedule an appointment.

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