10 Habits You Must Adopt For Stress-Free Cleaning

Tips for Stress Free Home Cleaning

A lot of our readers shared the situation in which they got too stressed up because of the daily cleaning chores and ended up fighting with their partner. Sounds too familiar? If yes, this post is all about solutions to this cleaning issue. We have got you some tips to help you stay stress-free with all those home cleaning tasks you need to do.

1.    Make your bed just when you wake up

Making your bed when you wake up can reduce stress

You must focus on cleaning right when you wake up. Making your bed right when you wake up puts you in a better mood and sets you for a very productive day. Although there has been no scientific research to back this point, we stand by it for it comes through our personal experience.

2.    Clean your kitchen while cooking

Clean the kitchen while you cook

Stop checking Facebook while you let the coffee brew. It’s a total waste of time to stand while waiting for your food to get cooked. A kitchen is a place where multi-tasking is a must. Start cleaning off the shelf and put the utensils in the dishwasher rather than standing idle.

3.    Leave the shoes at the entrance

No shoes inside home means no dust and less carpet stains

No shoes inside the house means no dirt or snow salt stains on the carpets. Your house would automatically look cleaner with less dust, at least, the floors will.

4.    Vacuum every day

Vacuum everyday

If you’ve got pets or kids in your house, put the vacuum settings to soft and use it everywhere – carpets, upholstery, furniture and more. Just a 10-15 minute task is enough to make your house look shining clean.

5.    Do laundry on particular days

Make a schedule for laundry

Raise your hand if you often forget to do the laundry. How many times have you got a panic attack when you saw all your clothes in the ‘to be washed’ basket? To avoid such situations, make it a rule to wash your laundry on a particular day in a week. We, in fact, do a load every single day. Frequency would differ according to the number of members of your family but following the laundry schedule is a must.

6.    Declutter every week

Decluttering reduces stress

Chuck out those empty pizza boxes, useless stationery and pieces of paper you stuffed under the sofa. Make it a point to do this every week. Deep clean at least one corner of your house every week. Maybe you should start from the top most kitchen cabinet this weekend and then move on to rest of the stuff. In a couple of weeks, you will have a complete clutter free home. Don’t sit back! Repeat the process again!

7.    Don’t procrastinate

Stop procrastination

Stop waiting to put that empty glass in the sink. Most of the times your dog will use its magical tail to spill the few drops of juice in that glass on your carpet. And you will end up with a stained carpet! Those little things make your home dirty, filthy. To avoid it, just be active about cleaning your home.

8.    Organize better

Organize Better

If you’ve lots of things scattered around your house, you need to make a trip to the target. Get some baskets, small and big. Start organizing all the things using these baskets. We all have that pile of stuff which never has the right place. They all should be placed in a basket.

9.    Create less mess

Use baskets for better home organization

A proper organization is, in fact, a measure to create less mess. Dirty stuff, unorganized pieces scattered around your house just add up to the stress. At least, it does for us. The only way to avoid such a situation is to resolve to create less mess. Read all the previous points again to find out how to build less mess in your house.

10.    Never go to bed without quick cleaning

Address Cleaning Chores before you sleep

Before you go to sleep, give yourself 15 minutes to move around your house and look for the things that can be easily cleaned. Maybe put those pet toys in the designated basket or organize those throws around your couch. Fold the extra blankets and put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Overall, all the small tasks wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, but it would make your mornings much more pleasant and stress-free.

All of these tips are what we apply for a stress-free cleaning. We belong to that set of weird people who get panic attacks when they see their house dirty. We needed a solution, and these ten things were our solution. They work for us. Let us know if they work for you too! Do share it with your favorite Facebook group if it does!

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