11 Life Changing Home Cleaning Tips

Home cleaning tips

Home Cleaning is a challenging task. You never realize how much mess you’re creating while living your personal lifestyle but on the weekend, when you get into the home cleaning work mode, everything seems to be impossible to clean.

The kitchen is usually full of grease and oily surfaces, bathroom faucets are full of rust and lacklustre, couches are stained, and it seems to be a herculean task to clean something as simple as an iron.

If this is what you’re facing right now, we have compiled some very necessary and basic home cleaning tips that will make your life simpler and much less complicated. Here are 11 life changing home cleaning tips by Same Day Pros.

1. How to keep the toilet brush clean? 

Pour some all purpose cleaner in the bathroom brush holder and let the brush sit cleaned all the time.

toilet brush home cleaning tips

2. How to get rid of the grimy look on faucets in kitchen & bathroom?

Lemon is the secret and our favorite ingredient for home cleaning. Use lemon to clean the shower heads or faucets. This will make the chrome shine like new.

lemons for home cleaning

3. How to clean cast iron?

Use salt to scrub on the surface and then wipe off with a sponge. The salt acts as an abrasive and thus removes oil, food residue and rust.

home cleaning cast iron

4. How to clean the microwave and get rid of that nasty smell?

Fill a bowl with 2 cups of water, 1 tbsp vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. Make sure the container is microwave safe and then put the bowl with the mixture in the microwave and heat up for 5 minutes. Now, wipe off the surface with a cloth.

clean microwave home cleaning

5. How to get rid of the greasy gunk?

Are you clueless about how to remove the oil from the stovetop? Cleaning the kitchen is the most challenging home cleaning chore. Our home cleaning tips can make it easier.

Oil is the answer. Take a cleaning napkin and put a few drops of mineral oil on it and wipe off the surface. This may sound weird, but you will find out that the greasy gunk will quickly come off. Then use an all purpose cleaner to wipe off the surface.

get rid of greasy gunk home cleaning

6. How to remove stains on microfiber?

Use rubbing alcohol, not liquor. Rubbing alcohol can be easily used to get rid of stains on things like a couch or even a carpet. Use a sponge as an applicator, apply the rubbing alcohol to the stained surface and when it dries off, use a bristle brush to give a smooth finish to the surface of your couch.

remove stains from microfiber home cleaning

7. How to clean a greasy oven?

Take 5 tbsp of baking powder, 4 tbsp of vinegar and 4-5 drops of dishwasher liquid. Mix these to form a thick paste and apply it on the slick oven surface. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then scrub it off with a sponge.

home cleaning greasy oven

8. How to remove the water rings from the furniture?

Let’s accept it. We don’t use coasters all the time, and that means our lovely furniture is left with ugly water rings that are visible and unwanted. These shout for attention when you’re on a home cleaning spree.

To get rid of those, you need only one thing – a blow dryer. Place the dryer near to the ring and blow dry the surface for 2-3 minutes and the rings will be gone.

remove water rings home cleaning

9. How to clean your keyboard?

A dirty keyboard can lead to laptop heating issues and many more troubles. Make sure you clean it properly. Use a toothbrush to git rid of all the dust from those inaccessible spaces between the keys.

keyboard cleaning - home cleaning

10. How to clean the grater?

Have you ever injured your fingers while cleaning a grater? Here’s an easy and safe way to do it. Rub raw chunks of potato on the grater and all the surplus food on it will come off, leaving it clean and shining.

clean the grater home cleaning

11. How to clean your iron?

No, you should never use water or damp cloth to clean an iron. The right way to clean it is to run it over a piece of paper with salt on it while it’s still hot.

clean iron home cleaning

Is there anything else you’re finding difficult to clean? Or do you just want someone else to do the cleaning task for you? Why not hire a professional home cleaner for that?

You can use Same Day Pros service provider finder to locate professional home cleaners in your area and just outsource this difficult, time-consuming task.

Let us know what you choose. Are you going to clean your home all by yourself or hire someone? Do you think our home cleaning tips would help you?

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