5 Efficient Ways to Market your Same Day Home Cleaning Business

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You’ve finally managed to set up your same day home cleaning business. You got a business license, found good employees, bought the required equipment and are ready to serve the clients.

However, where are they? How are you going to get clients? How are you going to serve tens of customers each day just like that?

What you require is effective marketing. It would help you reach the people who are looking for cleaning services in your locality.

The hardest part about marketing is choosing the right channels. No matter how much money you spend, if you are not putting it in the right marketing channel, it is not going to work.

That is why we have listed five most effective ways to market your same day home cleaning business.

1. Find Leads While You ZZZ

Your business website can market your business while you sleep. It is going to be up 24/7 putting your name out there and letting people know that you are available to work. Therefore, you must ensure the following right when you start your new business venture:

  • Have a clean, fast, responsive and user-friendly website.
  • List down your services clearly and set up a proper landing and contact page.
  • Optimize your website for search engines. Focus on local SEO for good results.
  • Promptly replies to the queries you get from your site.

2. Get Active on Social Media

A strong connection with the customers is the secret mantra of the most successful same day home cleaning professionals. Are you wondering how they manage to connect with so many customers with their limited time and resources? The answer is social media.

  • Set up your profiles on major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Get active. Post regularly.
  • Ask your clients to connect with your on your social media channels.
  • Indulge in regular conversations with your followers.
  • Develop special offers and perks for your social media following.

3. Organise Online Advertising

Let us talk about the most important marketing platform available these days. It is the internet.

While it is easy and affordable to advertise online, it is tough to tap the right kind of audience.

You need to reach the people who can find value in your services. What’s the point of promoting your Home Cleaning business in Miami to a New Yorker? Is there even a slight chance of turning that person into your client?

Online Advertising is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires technical expertise and must be handled by the experts. We, at Same Day Pros, are continuously trying to make this part easier for you through our uber-like technology that can help you advertise effectively.

Remember that promoting your services to targetted market is the only way that can work when it comes advertising online.

4. Get the Flyers out

Distributing flyers is an excellent but complicated way to market your same day cleaning business.

  • Make sure you are doing this while following the laws else you leave an impression of being an unprofessional company.
  • Don’t put your flyers into the mailboxes. It is illegal.
  • Don’t go heavy with door to door flyer distribution. It can turn off your potential customers.
  • Use notice boards in public places to get the word out.
  • Leave the flyers on the vehicles parked in parking space. However, make sure you take permission for that.

5. Invest in Word of mouth marketing

The most efficient way to market your same day home cleaning business is the word of mouth marketing. If people are referring you to their friends and family, you get a continuous flow of customers with high chances of turning them into repeat customers.

However, this is also the toughest way to market your business. You would have to offer high-quality services and invest much time and energy on customer satisfaction to be able to kick start your word of mouth marketing campaign.

Another tip that can help you with this is to build a reward or referral program to encourage your happy customers to refer you to their circle.

Your marketing campaigns must be a blend of inventive techniques and present day technology.

Also, it is important to keep measuring the results you are getting from your marketing efforts. How do you measure the return on investment in your marketing campaigns? Which kind of marketing method do you think will work the best for you? Share.

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