6 Insanely Amazing Halloween Decoration Ideas

Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

I don’t like mediocre usual things. Halloween decoration gets me pumped up but it takes a lot to please me with such decorations. Imagine the standards I would set for myself when it comes to Halloween decor! I have some crazy but classy ideas which I want to implement this year. It’s time to begin and hey! I won’t mind if you copy these.

1. Why make it so scary?

Halloween decoration ideas

First of all, you don’t always have to focus on making it scary. Think about Scary Movie instead of The Conjuring! Didn’t you like the former one? It’s so fun to watch. Isn’t it? Who said you can’t have fun on a day like this? Who said it has to be scary? If no one did, why do you desperately try every year? On Halloween 2016, stop trying to be scary. Be funny instead!

2. Make the pumpkins pleasant

halloween decor

How can you do that?  While decorating your home pumpkins, use fresh home decor stuff like flowers. Yellow leaves and flowers work the best. It’s superb and you must try it. Make the pumpkin a centerpiece and surround it with flowers and lively decor stuff like that.

3. Get rid of the pumpkin color

white halloween decor

Okay! I agree that while this year, I am in a mood of mixing horror with fun, you may still want the original scary stuff. Here’s how you can add a twist to your Halloween decoration while sticking to the theme you want. Paint the pumpkins white. Carve the eyes and mouth like usual but keep them white. It will be so good. You can also pile 3-4 pumpkins, cover it with a white cloth with spaces for eyes and mouth. Basically, you will turn the pumpkins into a ghost. Did you get the point? If not, comment below. I’ll explain.

4. Halloween decoration ideas for lazy people

easy halloween decoration

If you’re as lazy as I am, you wouldn’t want to do anything but still want a perfect decor. Did you know you can hire a holiday decoration service for the task? If you want to DIY it, just get some pumpkins in different sizes and arrange them near your house’s entrance, doors and windows inside your home and boom! You have a brilliant home decor perfect for Halloween with literally no amount of work, if you choose to cut out the part where you spent hours choosing the right pumpkins.

5. Use pumpkin shaped lamps

lamps for halloween

I have written fair amount of posts on fall decor and one thing I haven’t missed in any of those is the lamps. They’re just so fall-like and perfect home decor items. Moreover, they give you great lighting for clicking amazing Instagram and Tumblr pictures. For Halloween, you should totally get some pumpkin lights or DIY them. For DIY pumpkin lights, just carve out the pumpkin like usual and place a light bulb in it. The wire will stay hidden at the back. Don’t worry! You can do it. Anybody with a little bit of common sense can do this DIY.

6. Use rustic stuff

I love the whole rustic home decor and it goes really well with Halloween decoration. Think about a wheel placed as a centrepiece near your TV. Reflect on some pumpkins kept beside it. Reflect on some ropes tied to the wheel. Think about some black creatures hanging from the wheel. Just let your imagination go wild, and you can do so much with old wooden stuff. Try it! You will love the results.

There you go! You have my ideas on Halloween decoration. It is how I am going to do it. Yours may be different, and I would totally love it. Just tell me what you’re planning for Halloween decor?

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