7 Cleaning Tips From Professional Home Cleaners

Professional home cleaners

Are you ready to clean up your house all by yourself? Maybe you’ve got some free time or just want to add the personal touch to your home this holiday season. Whatever may be the reason, we firmly believe that you need to know these tips before starting.

We contacted some professional home cleaners and asked them about their secrets to successful home cleaning, and this post is solely based on what kind of answers we got from them. Are you ready to be a part of their secrets?

1. Begin high

“First and foremost, you must plan out how you’re going to do the task.” 

That’s a critical but often ignored aspect of home cleaning. Without adequate planning, you would end up creating a bigger mess and wasting lots of time.

Make a plan of what places need to be cleaned and sort them out priority wise. While doing this, make sure you clean the higher surfaces first. For example, if you have to clean two floors of your home, start with the upper level and then come downstairs. Similarly, in each room, begin with the ceiling, then the furniture and then wipe the floor in the end.

In this way, you won’t end up making the clean things dirty once again due to improper planning.

2. Take off the clutter

Before you grab the cleaning products and wipes, make sure you take off all the clutter. All the products must be in their right place before you start cleaning.

Take off the toys and extra cans from the floor and put them in the right place. Take off the littered stuff from the furniture. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or at least in the kitchen. Once you see that the room you’re trying to clean has all the things in right place, you’re ready to start up the dusting, wiping and cleaning task.  Good job!

get rid of the clutter first

3. Stop bending so much

Can you imagine the amount of work professional home cleaners handle in one day? How do they manage it without getting tired?

“We try to bend as little as possible”.

One of the most serious issues with home cleaning is back pain. You would know it if you ever tried washing the dishes. And from the response we got from the professional, we are proud to share the secret of avoiding back pain while doing the cleaning tasks.

professional home cleaners bend as less as possible

The trick is to bend as less as possible. Instead of throwing the pillows on the floor, keep them on a higher surface. Instead of bending your back to pick up the litter, use your knees and legs. Bear in mind that bending cause exhaustion and must be avoided as much as possible. Get as creative as you can for this.

4. Give time to cleaning products

“Most common mistake homeowners make is to clean too quickly.”

How many times have you poured a cleaning liquid in the toilet and immediately scrubbed it away? That’s a blunder. When you’re using cleaning fluids, you must give them a good amount of time to react and clean off the surface. Maybe change the sheets or do some dishes. Pick up some other chore and give it, at least, five minutes.

professional home cleaners let cleaning products do their job

5. Get rid of distractions

How would you feel if the professional home cleaners who are charging you by an hour spend a part of their work time on their phone? Wouldn’t that be irritating? You would say that they’re wasting your money. Won’t you?

When you take “two minutes” off from the cleaning task in your hand to check Facebook, you’re doing the same – wasting your time and money for time is money. So, when you’re ready to take up the home cleaning work all by yourself, get rid of all the distractions.

Put your phone on vibration mode, turn off the T.V., turn off the radio and even the music. Just concentrate on the work and we bet you will be able to finish your job quickly.

6. Clean regularly to save time

“Stop waiting for it to get dirty.”

It is crucial that you take timely action if you’re going to clean your home all by yourself. Don’t wait for a particular hour in a day to clean. It doesn’t take much time to maintain a decluttered space. It would hardly take two minutes for you to make up your bed right when you wake up or keep the dishes in the sink right after you eat. But these small actions can save you a lot of time on home cleaning. Try it if you don’t believe it and see the difference.

professional home cleaners clean regularly

7. Dress for success & use proper tools

“Right tools for a particular job are necessary.”

Professional home cleaners present this as their unique selling point. They boast of the kind of equipment they use for home cleaning. But that’s not all. This equipment is how they can deliver significant results and serve more customers simultaneously.

If you have proper tools and maybe appropriate cleaning chemicals, your home would seriously be clean in no time. Of course, knowing the right technique is also important. And it is, even more, important to wear comfortable clothes while cleaning your home.

professional home cleaners tools

These were the seven cleaning tricks we learned from professional home cleaners and so should you. In case, it sounded like too much work, hire a professional home cleaning service to do the task. Don’t worry about where to find them. You can find the best professional home cleaners right on Same Day Pros. Do your choice and act. Don’t forget to tell us which option you end up choosing.

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