Buy These 5 Gadgets For Easy Home Cleaning

Home cleaning technologies

Do you dread home cleaning chores? You’re not alone. A lot of us are usually too tired to clean our homes. Moreover, it’s such an annoying task for some people that they would give anything to avoid this work. Oh! But this post isn’t just about home cleaning. It will involve a lot of mention of technology.

The aim of technology is to make our lives easier, and there’s no way technology could stay behind in helping you feel relieved of the tiresome task of home cleaning.

Several companies are effortlessly trying to design new gadgets to make it easier to clean homes and help homeowners who cannot or do not want to call up regular home cleaning service. Find out about some of the most famous and fruitful devices till date.

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Although the most successful robot vacuum cleaner is the iRobot Roomba (as per the general public opinion), there are many companies like Samsung & LG that are trying to make their mark in this technology.

An ideal robot vacuum cleaner (which in this case seems to be the iRobot Roomba) contains loads of features that would help it to clean the dirt. Special features include wall to wall cleaning so as to ensure complete coverage, cliff detection sensors to avoid falling from staircases, capability of cleaning different kinds of floors, cleaning the wall edges, under and around furniture areas, and sensors to avoid significant hurdles but pass through soft barriers so as to go beyond curtains, comforters, etc.

Robot vacuum cleaners

2. Robomop

Now, robot vacuum cleaners are quite expensive and can fall into a range of $350 to $700. What if we need a cheaper solution? Is there one? There surely is. Robomops are the robot-like devices that can mop the floor and are available easily on Amazon at as less as $25. A robomop comes equipped with dust pads that can easily remove the dust from the floors as well as bacteria. They are very compact in size and hence can clean around congested areas and under the furniture as well. The costlier versions of this device have additional features like robust bacteria removal capabilities and microfiber clothes for better cleaning.

Home Cleaning Devices

3. Gadgets for Pet Owners

Two fantastic devices can help pet owners with home cleaning. One of them is LitterMaid, which is bliss for cat owners. If you don’t want your cat to relieve at any place in the house and at the same time, you hate cleaning that litter box, this gadget is for you. It’s a self-cleaning litter box easily available on Amazon. Although we do have a very useful set of solutions to help pet owners fight with pet odors, if you need an easier solution, gadgets like Purpose For Pets can help you out. This particular device is a pet odor extractor. How cool is that!

4. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are becoming more popular all over the world day by day. Why wouldn’t they be? While we can easily clean the dirt and debris we can see, we often ignore the most important component in our house – air. Air can be even dirtier than your house is but you would never notice. Air purifiers are systems that can improve the indoor air quality, and this technology keeps you notified on how clean the air inside your house is at a particular point in time. It’s a necessary home cleaning tool in today’s polluted world.

Air Purifier

5. Sanitizing Wands

For those who hate the thought of invisible bacteria on the things you touch or use every day, sanitizing wands are a significant relief. These claim to remove 99.9% germs, and all you need to do is just move such a wand over your furniture or whatever thing you want to sanitize. These rods usually come equipped with advanced technology that is used in hospitals for sanitization.

What are some obvious gadgets in your home that make home cleaning much easier?

Let’s talk about some devices that have become so routine to us that we don’t even notice how much they have helped us deal with home cleaning chores.

1. Dishwasher: You never thought this would make the list. Did you? Dishwashers help you deal with dirty dishes and with the advancement of technology, these are becoming more efficient and silent. What else do we need?

2. Trash compactor: Dealing with a large amount of waste is a world-class crisis. From individual homeowners to municipal corporations to the government itself, everybody is facing the issue of dealing with the waste. The pile just gets bigger and bigger. Trash compactors use a crushing technology to reduce the waste to up to 70%. That surely helps a lot.

3. Paper Shredder: This is a tool which is every writer’s best friend. If you are a work from the home writer or business owner, you would have faced the overwhelming pile of papers. How to dispose of such documents that may contain confidential material? Paper shredders. They’re so commonly used these days that we don’t appreciate how much they help us to maintain our privacy and dispose of confidential documents.

4. Washing machine: Another unexpected entry into the list. Have you even tried washing your clothes without a washing machine? Try it and you’ll know how lucky you’re to have such a gadget in your house. You save around an hour on doing the laundry every week.

So, these are all the gadgets you need to buy for home cleaning to give you some free time. A lot of the difficult and tedious tasks can be done while you sit on your favorite spot on the couch and sip your green tea. Apart from the ones in the obvious section, which other gadgets have you tried from this list?

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