Finding The Right Home Cleaning Company

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Same Day Pros has some considerations and questions you should ask any home cleaning company before you hire them.

It is important to find a home cleaning service that maintains  insurance. If the local home cleaners cause damage and are not insured, you could be liable. Ask for proof of insurance and check the policy limits and expiration dates. Ask about coverage should theft occur. Ideally, the service will maintain worker’s compensation insurance in addition to liability insurance. This will protect the workers, the company and you.

Ask how many people will be cleaning your home. Also find out if the residential cleaning company  will be independent contractors or employees. Typically a local cleaning service would have more control over employees than subcontractors. If they are subcontractors, who is in charge should you have a problem?

What level of training is provided to the home cleaning crew? One might think that home cleaning is a very basic skill, but not all individuals have the same level of “cleanliness”. They should clean your house in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

You will want to get a description of the home cleaning services that are considered standard and what is considered additional services. Will surfaces such as tile and grout floors and furniture be clear of clutter before the home cleaners arrive? If not, are you expecting the cleaning people to pick it up or clean around it? Are services such as oven cleaning, silver polishing, or mildew cleaning additional? Talk to them about any special concerns or situations.
Discuss the type of home cleaning products they utilize. There are many “green” products on the market. It is best to use these for health or environmental reasons.

What is your local cleaning company pricing? Most home cleaning services offer a wide variety of cleaning services at different price points. Some offer special deals for bundled packages or regularly scheduled home cleaning services. Be sure to get a list of the the home cleaning prices, including any circumstances that could increase the home cleaning cost. Ask about specific items not covered on the list of home cleaning services.

Ask what methods of payment they accept and when is payment due. In most cases, it will be at the time of service. Large providers typically accept cash, credit cards or checks, but smaller home cleaning companies might be more limited.

Ask if there is a satisfaction guarantee. What happens if you are not happy with the home cleaning service? Will the residential cleaning company come back for free to address your concerns? .

Find out when the residential cleaning service is available to clean your home and how long it will take. Does the home cleaning company offer flexible times? Are there penalties if you need to change the service date or time at the last minute?

Ask about the business in general. How long has it been in home cleaning business? Ask for references, and then check them. Ask if the home cleaning company offers same day home cleaning?
Finally, make certain that every single detail of the home cleaning service is written into a contract. The more that is covered in the contract, the greater chance you will have everything completed to your satisfaction.

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