Is it possible to have a clean home with pets?

home cleaning and pets

“Clean home isn’t possible with a pet”, says every person who has never received love from a pet. They’re always asking you questions about how you manage your hygiene. They accuse you of not cleaning your home properly. And all you wish for is to get rid of such people.

But let’s be truthful. It’s tough to maintain cleanliness while you’ve a fur ball shedding hair all around the house. How about we share some essential tips with you that can make a clean home with pets possible?

1.    How to deal with pet hair?

dealing with pet hair at home

Some pets almost don’t shed, but if you have got a double coated dog like a Husky, you will have balls of hair around your house. The best way to deal with pet hair is grooming your pet regularly. If you take off the hair on the comb, they won’t fall on your beautiful carpet. Simple! Brushing your cat regularly can also improve its health.

Keep checking your air filters every three to four weeks. Once you do this a couple of time, you would be able to determine how frequently you need to clean the air filters. Clean air filters can help you save money on your HVAC bills.

2.    How to deal with pet poop?

dealing with pet poop

If you’ve got a dog, you must train it to do its business outside. If you haven’t been able to do that yet, it’s time hire a pet trainer. In the case of cats, you must be using a litter box which is often a tough thing to clean. Never procrastinate on cleaning it. Clean every day. Don’t use ammonia for cleaning. It mimics the smell of cat urine and makes your home smell worse. Consider changing the litter box every year or once your cat scratches it badly. The scratches will lead of absorption of urine or poop and would smell horrible.

3.    How to keep the parasites at bay?

diseases and pets

Intestinal parasites in cats and dogs can get transferred to humans, especially kids with weak immune system. You can avoid this by timely deworming of your pets. For other types of pets – reptiles and amphibians, make sure to clean their cages regularly.

Also, make sure that you don’t leave food in open. You must keep the shelves clean. It’s crucial if you’ve got a cat. Cats love moving from the shelves, leaving harmful bacteria on the shelf. Always clean the kitchen shelves as the first home cleaning task in the morning.

4.    How to deal with other indoor messes?

cleaning off pet stains

Don’t feed your pet near the carpet. Fix a spot to feed the pet and stick to it. Use dry shampoo to clean off its paws after an outdoor walk.

Treat the stains immediately. If your pet vomited on the carpet, first clear off the food residue. Then use a mixture of dishwasher and water and slightly blot the surface. Keep cleaning until the stain disappears. If it doesn’t, call for a carpet cleaning professional. Don’t just leave the stains untreated, ever.

Keep your pets off your bed. That would minimize the chances of stains and pet hair on the sheets.

Train your pet and focus on making it obedient, especially in the case of a dog or cat.

5.    How to keep your pets safe at home?

You love your pet and obviously don’t want any harm for it. When it comes to home cleaning, ensure that you don’t use any chemicals that are harmful to your pets. The best bet is to go with organic cleaning products. They’re safe for pets, and even for the kids.

Otherwise, just check the label on the chemicals and be aware of the risks you’re taking while using the cleaning products.

Pets and cleanliness – both can co-exist. Of course, the people who haven’t fallen in love with pets yet would find a way to condemn the very thought, but you and I know how amazing it is to have pets at home. Just a little bit of discipline and care and you can have a clean and pet safe home!

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