Last Minute Holiday Cleaning Checklist

Holiday cleaning

You’re too late. Guests would be at your house soon, and you’re still not done with holiday cleaning. You can see dirty rugs, sheets and clutter all around your house and you can’t bear the thought of leaving such a bad impression on your guests. You want your house to be cleaned.

How about hiring a home cleaning service? What if they got too late? They must already be overloaded with orders, and there’s a chance your local home cleaning service won’t be available to help.

If this is the case, our last minute holiday cleaning checklist can help. Let’s not waste more time and start the cleaning work.

Some Ground Rules

  1. First things first. You must know that the key to last minute home cleaning is to be quick. You need to move fast and wrap up more things in almost no time.
  2. No deep cleaning. You have already missed the chance. All you can do now is make your house look fantastic from an exterior view.
  3. Avoid distraction. If you think you can use Facebook or look for cool holiday recipes on Pinterest while working, you will never be able to do it. Switch off your TV and internet. Leave the phone in a distant corner and take only emergency calls.

Last minute holiday cleaning checklist

holiday cleaning for christmas

Follow these steps to quickly clean your home.

  1. Remove all the clutter. Make sure everything is in the right place. No wrappers. No misplaced things.
  2. Sweep the porch and foyer. They are probably the dirtiest areas in your house right now and can make a huge difference.
  3. Vacuum the floors. It won’t take much time as the floor is all clear because of step 1.
  4. Change the sheets quickly, if possible. Leave them if you think it would take more than 10 minutes. Rather, just make your bed properly. Keep the pillows and throws in their designated place. Fold the blankets.
  5. Wipe down the living room table to get rid of dust. Use a microfibre cloth only. No cleaning solution or fancy cleaning products.
  6. Move on to the main bathroom in the house. Change the toilet paper. Clean the entire bathroom quickly as you can. You won’t get a chance to clean it once guests are there, and it is probably going to be used a lot, so requires a good amount of time for cleaning.
  7. Put spare tissues in your kitchen, under the living room table and in the bedroom. They will help.
  8. Put the dishes in the dishwasher and make sure your kitchen shelf is clutter free (we hope you took step 1 seriously).
  9. Spray room freshener all around the house and rest. You have done an excellent job.

With these nine steps, you can make sure that your home is ready for the guests. Happy holidays.

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