Top 4 Home Cleaning Habits You Should Quit Right Now

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Some of your home cleaning habits are causing you a lot of stress, anxiety, diseses and loss. Here we discuss about the four most serious house cleaning blunders!

1.    Treating clothes like junk

Raise your hand if the moment you change into your comfy PJs, the work clothes go on the safe or right on the floor. We all go through that phase when we’re living on our own and are completely disorganized. Have you ever wondered why it’s considered a bad habit? That pile of clothes on the floor isn’t doing you any damage. Is it?

One of the biggest reasons for stress amongst home owners is an unclean home. That pile of clothes adds up to your stress, makes your home look dirtier, leaves you more anxious, turns you into a procrastinator and stays like a big house cleaning chore.

If only you put in some efforts to deal with the clothes immediately, you can avoid all those issues. Keep the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Hang the clothes on hooks. If you don’t have enough hooks, get some from Target and use them. Keep the clean clothes properly in the wardrobe. If there is not enough space, invest in more storage space or donate the extra clothing you don’t use anymore.

Try it for a month and you will see yourself much happier, calmer and your house would be cleaner than now.

2.    Being Inconsistent

Do you wait for the dust to build up before you clean your house? What’s the point of cleaning your house until it looks filthy? Those who wait for their house to get that dirty always end up spending more time on home cleaning than the ones who act quickly.

If you vacuum your house or at least, wipe off the shelves and furniture to remove dust and tidy up everything every single day, you will not only have a cleaner house but also ensure better health for people living in the house.

Regular vacuuming is equally important. Do you know that the dust fibers act as small glass pieces that damage the carpet fibers day by day? When the dust is just on the surface, you can easily take it off with a vacuum. It becomes much tougher to get rid of it when it settles down.

Being consistent at anything will bring you lots of benefits. It will improve your house’s condition and make you a better person. Try it!

Good home cleaning tools are a must

3.    Hoarding the extra supplies

We all had had those days when we bought house supplies in bulk because of a great deal in Target. What happens to such supplies? Do we use all of these? Most of the times, a large chunk of these supplies expire and have to be disposed of. An utter wastage of money and resources!

Do yourself and this world a favor and stop wasting stuff. Don’t get those extra supplies unless you’re very sure that you will use them up. It makes you waste money. Don’t forget that feeling of guilt you try to push back while wasting the supplies.

This issue is even more severe when you’re living in a tiny apartment and have little storage space. You add up to the clutter and increase your cleaning work.

4.    Piling up dishes

Deal with a big pile of dishes quickly

The mess you create becomes overwhelming after you’re done with another cooking experiment. But do you have anyone else who could clean up the kitchen for you? Unless you’re ready to call for a home cleaning service, that pile is going nowhere.

Sooner or later, you have to deal with it. The more you delay it, the bigger task it seems to be. Remember that cleaning is more about psychology than physical work. If you let the work build up, it is going to scare you. If you don’t… well, you know the answer!

Here ends our short list of top 4 home cleaning habits you should quit right now. Why we kept it short? Because we want you to act on these first, master these first before we share more of our home cleaning advice and secrets.

So, are you ready to be a better and well-organized homeowner?

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