Top 8 Incredibly Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

Top 8 cozy fall decor ideas

Hola! It’s September, and if you still don’t feel fall-like, you need to change your home decor. How do you expect to feel the cozy vibe when you have all those cool summer-ish things splattered around your living room? Chuck those out and start working on the following fall decor ideas.

1. Pumpkin lights

pumpkin lights for fall decor

I know it’s too early to start thinking about Halloween, but a nice set of lights that remind you of the most exciting thing in fall aren’t that bad. Are they? You need some new warm lights and it’s the cheapest way to get that warm and cozy glow without spending hundreds of dollars on warm toned lamps.

2. Use fall leaves

use fall leaves for home decor

What do you have on those side tables in your bedroom? Remove the clutter and decorate the side table with some autumn leaves (Yes! I tried to sound British. Did you get it?). But wait! Putting those leaves on the side table aren’t interesting enough. Add a touch of class by adding a cool pumpkin shaped decor piece or some lavender or pine cone scented candles.

3. Add some fall colors into your home decor

fall themed colors for interior painting

Orange, white and gold – these are the three colors you need to play around with during this season. For orange, pumpkins have got your back, but you can also consider painting your walls with a combination of orange and gold. Add white furniture to have a perfect toned down but fall-like look. You can switch it up by having white and gold walls and dark colored furniture.

4. Add some cozy candles

candles for fall

If there’s only one thing you had to choose to add to your home decor to make it fall-like, get some candles. You can always pick your favorite scent, but I suggest you go for warm scents.

5. Get a huge autumn bouquet

huge flower bouquet for fall

On the center table in living room or on the dining table, you must declare that you’re embracing the fall season. How would you do that? Get a huge bouquet filled with flowers. You can go for multi-colored or single colors flowers. Choose dark shades. Purple, orange, and red should be the dominative colors in your home in fall.

6. Use clear vases and ropes in your home decor

clear flower vases

Add in some vases in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. They look very graceful, and if you opt for clear vases and add in some seasonal flowers, you will have a perfect cozy vibe in your entire house. What are you waiting for?

7. Hang some lanterns around your house

lanterns for fall

Lanterns are my favorite fall decor pieces. They just make the whole place an entirely different entity. Don’t get confused! If you’re fond of reading too many books and have read plenty of fall-themed books, you’ll understand what I meant. If not, then just try it, and you’ll know what lanterns do to your house.

8. Do some leaf art

fall leaf art

If you’re into art, try incorporating those fall leaves into your art projects. Maybe some paintings or just wall decals with leaves – anything you do to change your home decor must reflect the fall theme. That’s pretty much what you need to do.

There you go! These are my top 8 ways to make your house feel fall-like. Feel free to add some DIY lighting, candles and vases to the decor and never forget the color theme you need to choose. Don’t try be different. I have seen way too many people trying to add in cool-toned colors in their homes in fall just to look different. But that comes at a price. You feel extremely uncomfortable and out of the place in your home. So, it’s better if you hide away those rebellious thoughts and start making your home cozy and beautiful.

What’s your favorite fall decor item? How do you plan to incorporate it into your home decor?

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