Choosing The Right Hurricane Shutter System

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With hurricane season upon us it’s time to start thinking about protecting your home with professionally installed hurricane shutters. Same Day Pros has listed below, the most popular hurricane shutters available.

Corrugated Panels – Corrugated hurricane shutters are typically fastened only during storm activity and stored away when not in use. There are three primary panel material; galvanized steel, aluminum, and plastic.

Flat Panel Hurricane Shutters – These are a relatively new alternative to one of the oldest protection devices, plywood sheets. Lightweight and strong, the panels are made from polycarbonate sheets.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters – Accordion hurricane shutters are preinstalled and can be deployed quickly to cover even large window or door openings. The shutters are comprised of interlocking vertical blades which roll horizontally on tracks mounted above and below the opening.

Fabric Hurricane Panels –  Similar to hurricane nets, but the term usually pertains to panels that are custom sized to fit directly over door and window openings.

Roll down Mesh Hurricane Shutters – One of the most effective and fastest growing options in the hurricane shutter industry. The motorized versions of these shutters solve the slow deployment and storage problems associated with hurricane nets.

Hurricane Mesh and Fabric Panels – Hurricane mesh is made from polypropylene strands woven into mesh fabric, similar to that in trampolines.

Hurricane Screens  – Storm screens are a new and economical wind abatement option designed to reduce wind pressure as much as 97%.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters – Bahama hurricane shutters are permanently attached over window openings only. They are comprised of horizontal metal slats encased in a rectangular frame fastened with hinges above the window.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters – Colonial hurricane shutters are the hurricane-approved version of the decorative wooden shutters commonly found on homes. The shutters are hinge-mounted to each side of the window or door.

Rolldown Hurricane Shutters – Rolldown hurricane shutters are interlocked horizontal slats made from aluminum with the option of plastic viewports.

You can get a same day estimate from professional hurricane shutter company already in your neighborhood at or by using the FREE app. With more than 100 categories to choose from achieving local professional same day service or local professional same day service has never been easier.

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