Hurricane Matthew: How To Prepare The Survival Kit Quickly

Hurricane Matthew Survival Guide

While millions of people in America are preparing for the worst, you haven’t even made your survival kit. What are you doing? What are you waiting for? You don’t have time. You need to prepare a quick survival kit and try to be as safe as possible. Here’s what you need in the kit.

Survival kit for Hurricane Matthew

1. Food & water

The necessities of anyone in your family as well as your pets. Get at least a gallon of water for every member of your family. You must have a stock of 3-5 days when it comes to food and water. Pick canned food that you can store for a while. Don’t rule out the chances of a blackout. You must figure out a way to get the food ready while there’s no power.

2. Get the essential medicine

If anybody in your family suffers from a medical condition or require regular medication, make sure you have all their medicines in place. Don’t forget anything. Recheck all the medicines and also stock up medicine for minor health issues like a headache, stomach ache, and acidity.

3. Prepare an emergency evacuation kit

We don’t know how severe it’ll be and what kind of damage it will do at your location. But stay prepared for the worst. You must have an emergency evacuation kit ready. Here’s what you need in that bag: medical supplies & equipment, important documents like your identity cards, insurance proofs and so on (hard copy or soft copy or both), personal care items (clothes, food, phones, chargers, power banks, water and some cash).

4. Check your house for leaks

If you have any leaks in your home, you need to find a temporary way to fix it. A small hole can become the cause of damage to your entire house. In 1992, during the Hurricane, Florida homes suffered maximum damage due to such issues like hurricane shutters not placed correctly and undetected leaks. Take care of both of these. Make sure the shutters are closed, or you’re prepared to do it in just a few minutes when the bad storm hits.

5. Stock up the cash

ATMs often run out of money during such situations, and you need to stock up enough cash to be able to buy basic amenities and have enough money to survive in case you have to evacuate. Make sure you’re able to keep these funds in a safe and dry place.

6. Prepare alternative measures when the power goes out

It always happens. And when it happens, think about whether you can have a generator to keep the basic electronics like light bulbs and refrigerator running. Instead of relying on a T.V., you should have a battery-powered radio to stay updated with the news.

7. Please don’t forget the pets

They need to be as safe as you’re. Even if you keep your pets outside, bring them in. It can be a terrible weather outside, and Fido will be pretty scared. Pets need you more than you think. They will be scared and would look up to their owner for safety. Please keep them safe. Stock their food just like you would do your own. Add a tag and your phone number to your pet’s collar to avoid losing him in case you need to evacuate.

That’s pretty much. Run! You need to put together the survival kit right now. If you know somebody who lives in an area that may be hit by Hurricane Matthew, please share it with them.

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