Shelter Yourself from Hurricane, to Stay Safe

Harvey Storm 2017

A record rainfall of 30 inches has been recorded in Houston, Texas, in the last 72 hours due to Hurricane Harvey. It is estimated that the city received the total rainfall for the whole year in these few days.

Natural calamities are unavoidable and at times cause losses beyond fair. But, there are few preventive measures that you can take and at least be prepared for the calamity.

Emergency procedures that you need to know in times of a Hurricane disaster:

  • The experts always monitor the environment, so tune into television, radio or check your mobile devices to know the latest environmental conditions and any update regarding the dangers.
  • Switch off as many as electrical appliances as possible to avoid any problems due to electricity.
  • Enclose windows and other openings in the house with plywood boards and use permanent storm shutters to close them.
  • Avoid being near windows, glass and inside elevators.
  • Avoid using combustible substances.
  • Remain indoors and try to wait out the storm, even during the eye of the storm upon your area.
  • Avoid driving in the rain as you can get stuck in the heavy downpour.
  • If there are any updates regarding the signs of danger, evacuate as soon as possible.

Elements those you can keep handy:

First Aid Care: Get your own kit containing cotton balls, adhesive bandages, pain medication like aspirin and so on. The American Red Cross and most of the medicine stores sell pre-made first aid kits.

Geographical Map: It is important to keep your maps handy. Sometimes it might be a situation that you might loose connection of your GPS and then become helpless.

Medicines: Health is an important parameter, take care of yourself at-least in these situations. Keep prescribed medicines with you and also, extra lenses or glasses.

Charger: Keep multiple chargers with you so that in times of need you can use them.

Cash: You cannot access ATMs everywhere. So, keep cash with you to use it for emergency needs in local stores.

Other things those you need to carry are clothing, tools, supplies, and food.

Hurricane safety rooms: A room which is a windowless box in the interiors of the house constructed usually in the undergrounds can be an escape for you and your family during Hurricanes.

Once you are assured that the hurricane has passed and your area is in clear, reach out for evacuation. Take a torchlight with you when going out in the dark. Also, keep an ear for any news on the radio about relief and management.

Things you need to do after the hurricane:

  • Stay away as much as possible from the flooded roads
  • You need to be alert to hazards like broken glass, loose electric wires or gas leaks
  • Avoid entering the house if you smell gas or if it is still flooded with water
  • To receive an insurance for the damages take photographs of the surroundings
  • Throw away the food which was not kept at proper temperatures or which was exposed to floods
  • Wear proper gear to insulate from water, shrapnel, etc.

If your area is prone to such condition or you get to know of any such calamity in your locality look for safe place beforehand. You should be updated with the local news and weather forecasts and keeps your friends and family posted.

If you want to help or contribute in any way for all Harvey affected victims you can go through American Red Cross. All you need to do is visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS. You can also text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It is time to stand by our fellow countrymen by making a small contribution that is the least we can do.

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