What are Some Common Myths and Facts About HVAC Systems?

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It’s quite common for people in Baltimore and rest of the USA to damage their home appliances because they have certain misconceptions about them.

Believe it or not! People have ended up destroying their HVAC systems because they were not really aware of what to do when they faced an issue with them.

So here are some popular myths and facts about HVAC repair. This will help you troubleshoot your system without really damaging it.

Myth 1: You always need time and money to hire a professional HVAC service for HVAC repair.

Fact: Not true! If you clean your system at regular intervals, you will save time as well as money.

That said, your negligence can certainly magnify the problem forcing you to contact an HVAC repair company urgently and call them for an emergency service. This will cost you much more!

Myth 2: An efficient system is enough to save you from hefty electricity bills.

Fact: This is partly true. Along with being efficient, the HVAC system needs to be placed in the right location and be of the right size.

All these factors together will contribute towards saving utility bills.

Myth 3: Thermostat can be placed anywhere. Location is not really important.

Fact: This is not true. Thermostat can cause a lot of problems if not placed in the right location. People often end up assuming that thermostat and HVAC are connected only to modify the temperature.

Myth 4: The bigger the size of the HVAC system, the better it is!

Fact: This is completely false. The size of the HVAC system doesn’t necessarily mean that it will heat or cool faster. In fact, a bigger system needs more energy to function, increasing your energy bills.

Plus, you’ll have to spend extra for its maintenance and repair. So always consider installing a system according to the room size.

Myth 5: Saves energy when it’s not working continuously.

Fact: If the HVAC system is inactive for an extended period of time, it does not really save energy as such.

In fact, to begin the system altogether, you will need more power than you probably saved before. Plus a long gap in using it can lead to early system failure.

Myth 6: Change refrigerants every year.

Fact: The truth is that you only need to change the coolant when necessary. However, if you’ve been changing it often, then this indicates that there’s probably something wrong with the HVAC system.

You’ll need to consult a professional HVAC repair company nearby.

Myth 7: Programme maintenance is a waste of time.

Fact: It’s not a waste of time. In fact, it can ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t fail when you need it the most.

Regular and professional programme maintenance can save your system from failing by 98%.

Myth 8: Cover the outer part of your HVAC system in winter.

Fact: Covering the outdoor unit of your HVAC system gives a cozy habitat for small creatures to take shelter from the cold.

Additionally, it collects moisture and forms molds within the system. This can harm the wiring and other parts of the system.

When water gets collected and freezes, it can ruin the system parts.

Knowing the difference between myths and facts is very crucial because HVAC systems are expensive and can be easily damaged if not maintained properly.

If you face any problem with your HVAC system and are not sure what to do, it’s always better to contact a local HVAC repair company in Baltimore than trying to fix it on your own.

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