Which is Better? HVAC Repair or HVAC Replacement?

Baltimore HVAC Repair Service

Your heating and cooling systems play a major role because they maintain fresh airflow in your homes.

Moreover, the primary function of these systems is to manage a comfortable temperature inside your homes irrespective of the temperatures outside.

But what can you do if your system fails without any warning?

Replacing HVAC systems is a costly affair and it’s only advisable if your system is on its last leg.

If your system is fairly new, then HVAC repair could be an option for you. Fixing certain HVAC repair parts may be cost-effective than replacing the entire system.

Here’s a quick 6-pointer guide to help you decide between HVAC replacement and HVAC repair!

1 – Age

Age is one of the most common factors, which you should consider when you think of replacing a system.

If your system is less than 15 years, it’s okay to get it repaired instead of replacing it.

Usually, the HVAC systems can last longer. But if it’s more than 15 years, then it will increase the electric bills and reduce its efficiency.

2 – Frequency of HVAC Repair

If you’ve been calling HVAC repair service professionals in Baltimore and nearby areas very often, then you need to think about replacement.

Increased frequency of repair indicates that there is a significant issue with your system. So it’s better to invest your money in replacing the system.

Sometimes repairing can be a temporary solution to your problem. But this is good only until the repairing cost is not equal to purchasing a new one.


If you’ve had two major repairs in the last 10 years, then repairing your system is absolutely fine. In fact, you can repair it for another two times.

3 – Size

If your system was installed according to the manufacturer’s parameter, considering the heat gain calculations, then your unit will be productive in the long run.

But if your system is of a wrong size and placed in an incorrect area of your home, then it will lead to humidity in air, won’t be as effective, and can and wear out before time.

4 – Outdated Technology

Technology is evolving every single day. It’s getting better with time. Technology has brought smarter devices in the picture.

So, if you replace your old system with a newer one that’s technologically advanced, then you can save money in utility bills too.

5 – HVAC Parts

Repair your HVAC parts if they have loose, broken ductwork, clogged drain line or any electrical issues.

But if there are problems with your blower motor, compressor and condenser coils, then you’ll need to replace the system.

HVAC replacement becomes integral for such issues because these HVAC parts are manufacturer specific. Playing around with them may magnify the problem instead of solving them.

6 – Noise

Noisy HVAC systems are common. But what you need to do is determine its cause and find out which is better – replacing your HVAC system or repairing it.

You’ll probably need to consult a HVAC repair service professional in Baltimore or nearby areas to determine this.

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