DIY HVAC Repair – Safe or Unsafe? Let’s Find Out!


DIY HVAC repair is tempting. Everyone who loves to work with appliances believe it’s not rocket science.

And, it’s probably true to a certain extent.

This is because when it comes to any minor issues, they can be taken care of through a few simple DIY steps.

That said, DIY HVAC repair is unsafe.


Because if there are any major issues, you’ll probably end up spending more if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is when hiring a certified and licensed professional for HVAC repair services in Baltimore is highly recommended.

Here are some reasons why you should hire only a professional for HVAC repair.

5 Reasons to Hire HVAC Repair Service Professionals Near You

1. Hazardous Chemicals

HVAC system can get contaminated with mildew, mold or other microbiological growth.

Cleaning the HVAC system completely removes the harmful growth, increases efficiency, life expectancy, and the indoor air quality.

To clean the HVAC system, you need appropriate chemicals.

Concentrated chemicals may cause irritation in people who are sensitive to it.

It can cause chemical burns, respiratory irritation, and allergic reactions. Moreover, it can put the lives of people staying in the same building at risk.

Experts are trained for the safe use and handling of such chemicals.

Technicians with EPA 608 certification are only allowed to deal with such chemicals.

2. Working with Electricity

HVAC system works on high voltage electricity.

It contains a number of electrical components such as fuses, capacitors, transformers, resistors, relays, heating elements, and more.

Professionals have a good knowledge about the working of each of these components.

Not connecting the components correctly may not let the system turn on or may result in a short circuit. It can lead to minor injuries or even casualties.

3. Void Warranty

Every HVAC system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Until your HVAC system is in warranty, you can opt for regular maintenance.

The manufacturer will not service your system if you damage it accidentally while working on it or if you get it serviced by people other than that the ones the company recommends.

Trying to repair the system on your own will result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

In such cases, you’ll have to pay the repairing cost and also the replacement cost.

4. Lack of Experience and Equipment

HVAC repair professionals are trained to work on residential and commercial HVAC systems.

They learn the technical basics and get hands-on training by working on demonstration models.

They ensure everything is handled as per federal regulations. The technicians test electrical circuits to ensure smooth working and test the pipes and tubing for leaks.

The technicians have specialized and latest tools such as flow sensors, metal cutters and current meters, and gadgets to repair and test the system.

Leaks are diagnosed with special equipment. You may have to buy many of these to trace the leak which can prove more costly than hiring a pro.

The technicians check if the controls are at the recommended settings and components like compressors, motors, pumps, fans, thermostats, and switches are in working condition.

5. Repairing is Complex

HVAC systems are complex and have interrelated parts.

Not all HVAC systems are built in the same way, so not all can be repaired in the same way.

Components in different brands of the system are placed at different locations and also they look different.

HVAC technicians keep themselves updated with the changing technology.

You should not rely on online videos to repair your HVAC systems. Some HVAC components need to be handled with care.

In the process of repairing, you may damage some of your HVAC components.

For instance, the coil is delicate and implying incorrect method to clean it can result in damage.

Installing a wrong part can result in the compressor crashing. Replacing the compressor is expensive and so you may as well buy a new HVAC system.

The best way to avoid damages to your HVAC system is getting it serviced by a professional.

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