4 HVAC System Maintenance Tips

HVAC System Repair

Maintaining and repairing you heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (hvac) can yield a lot of benefits. A properly maintained hvac system can rid you of headaches and eventualities when you need the system running most during summers for cooling and winters for heating. Regular maintenance of your hvac system will go long way in creating an efficient hvac system.

1) Clean the air vents

Find out if mold or any pollutants have entered the air vents. This needs to be done every month as dirt and grime from outside air can easily accumulate on air vents. The air vents can be vacuumed and cleaned with soap water and a lint-free cloth.

2) Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

Mold tends to grow on evaporator coils easily because they are usually damp. Though it is difficult to clean these coils, a special cleaning agent with appropriate drying time is necessary. Check that the condenser unit fins are straight and undamaged for optimum functionality.

3) Thermostat inspections

Inspect thermostat by removing covers. Remove all dust and grime to give the mechanism a longer life-span. It is advisable that you use a programmable thermostat. The temperature should be set lower in summer and higher in winter for cooling and heating.

4) Check that your home is insulated

Air leaks are a large heating and cooling problem in many homes. Check your doors and windows for damaged seals and cracks. Also you need to do a regular duct work inspection. In summer, be sure to use proper window treatments to keep out the summer heat. In winter, make sure that the inside warmth doesn’t escape outdoors.

Whether you choose to do these repairs on your own or hire a professional, you should get your HVAC system professionally checked at least once every year to ensure that it remains in optimum condition. Maintaining your hvac system properly will lower your maintenance costs and will prolong its lifespan. For efficient hvac system maintenance, you should rely on the professionals from same day pros to find an expert service near your home. Same day pros works like Uber and enables professional businesses to list their services on the website – you can then find an HVAC maintenance service on the same day and will no longer have to wait.

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