7 Absolute Ways To Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

HVAC Efficiency

According to U.S. DOE (Department of Energy), 40-60% of energy bills of commercial buildings is because of the HVAC system. It is possible to save almost 30% of this cost if you focus on optimizing your HVAC system to its full efficiency. Today, we’re going to share the crucial and practical tips to make that happen. Here’s how you can improve your HVAC efficiency.

1.    Get an energy audit

Just like a business check, the energy audit of your HVAC system helps you figure out the weak points that are adding up to your energy bill. Many HVAC repair companies offer free checks or charge a small fee for the purpose. We insist on getting an inspection done as the first step to HVAC efficiency. It allows you to focus on the areas that require real work. An energy audit saves your time and resources.

2.    Install an economizer

Have you noticed that the air outside your building is significantly cooler than the inside one? While you’re spending thousands of dollars on cooling up your building, the outside air enjoys the cold temperature. Economizers help you to harness this energy and use it to cool down your building, of course, with lower energy spent.

3.    Embrace automation

Programmable thermostats and timing automation systems help you ensure that no amount of energy is wasted in excessive cooling or heating. You can set the thermostat to keep varying the temperature according to different times of the day. Instead of spending equal amount of energy at day and night, your HVAC system gets smarter and works according to what’s required

4.    Implement Insulation

Due to wear and tear, your building develops some leak spots that result in loss of energy.  Those leaking roofs, pipes, ducts and walls must be insulated. It will not only save you money on energy bills but also reduce the load on your HVAC system elongating its overall life.

5.    Upgrade to energy efficient windows and window films

Energy efficient windows refer to cleaning (to use solar heat adequately), caulking (to minimize leaks), window films installation (to reduce heat due to the sun) and adequate maintenance of windows. Solar heat contributes a significant amount to your heating and cooling costs. It’s important to use window films to stop heating up of your building due to solar heat in summer, and it’s highly advisable to use solar heat in winter for heating purpose. Properly sealed windows and window films are all you need to save as much as 50% of HVAC costs.

6.    Energy efficient lighting is essential

Light can heat up your building. LEDs and fluorescent lights produce lower heat and cause less strain to your HVAC system.

7.    Optimize through HVAC maintenance

HVAC Maintenance improves the IEQ (indoor environmental quality) and energy efficiency of your HVAC system. It helps in optimized heat transfer, minimized leaks and reduction in need of emergency repairs.

Although all of these efficiency tips are both for homeowners and commercial building owners, the amount of savings in case of commercial buildings add up to a whopping amount. Usually, owners are quite careless about the energy spent on HVAC system due to the commercial nature of their property, but you must remember that “money saved is money earned.”

Do check out for more HVAC related tips on our blog and help us make your experience better by telling what else you want us to share. In case, you’re more interested in hiring an HVAC service right away, head over to our same day HVAC repair service provider finder!

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