Interior & Exterior Painting 1.0

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You can buy the paint yourself but you don’t have to:

Some people think that to get the best paint they have to buy it themselves. If you verify that the labels on the buckets match the store receipt, you can have the local professional painting company get the paint.  If you want to purchase the paint yourself, ask the paining contractor to give you a painting estimate for the labor portion of the job and materials separately.  Pay the painting contractor for the labor only. The local painting company will tell you how much paint to get. Another advantage of this is that the paint store will typically track your purchase history and then can look it up for you years later when you need to touch-up. Don’t count on your Local Painting Companies to keep track of this for you.

Just because your friend/neighbor got a “good” job , doesn’t mean the painting contractor is good:

Using a reference from a friend is the most common way of finding a local interior or exterior painter. And while sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Your friend may not have had any problems or may not know of any problems they do have. It is fine to consider their recommendation, but make sure you check additional references and use your instincts.   Friends and neighbors think they know a good local painter from an unskilled local painter.  My experience has shown me that they don’t a good painter from a bad one.  They form their opinion on one being a good painter based on if he was cheap and if the house looked clean when the painter finished. That isn’t the way to determine quality home painting.

Important questions to ask your Interior Or Exterior Home Painter:   

How many men will work at the house and for how many days?
Is the local painting company licensed and insured?
How long has their painters been working with him?
What brand of paint will be used?  What specific grade level of paint will be used?  All manufacturers have many grades of paint.  They run from high quality/expensive to low quality/inexpensive.
What are the bathroom arrangements for the workers?
Will you be priming the surfaces before you paint?
How many coats will you be applying?
Have you included everything in your estimate or could there be additional charges for work?
How will you dispose of the trash and old paint?
What type of paint is currently on my house?  Will the new paint stick to it?
How will you clean the house prior to painting?
What are the payment arrangements?
Will exterior painters use ladders or scaffolding?
Will enterior painters move the furniture?
Is there anything else I haven’t asked that you should tell me?

Wether you need Interior Painters in winter or Exterior Painters in summer. Home painting can be a year round venture. You can find local painting companies already working in your neighborhood for a same day estimates at or by using the FREE app . With more than 100 categories to choose from, achieving local professional same day service or same day estimates has never been easier.

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