Latest Interior Painting Color Trends of 2016

Summer is the perfect time to get that makeover for your house. Wait what? Are you working on a shoe-string budget? Here’s a solution – change the interior colors of your house and you have that perfect fresh look in your home.

A new coat of paint can give that initial boost to make the house look better to homebuyers and also give you the much-desired cool & fresh summer feel.

But here’s the tricky part – you need to choose the right color combinations. It is also important to check up the latest interior painting trends to get you that modern finish.

Tips to choose the right colors

1. Mix up colors only when you’re too sure


As I write this, I see a perfect combination of a cool shade on the ceiling, a neutral gray on the walls and warm white on the trims. The overall finish is cool and refreshing. It’s because the three colors have been worked together to tone down the look and make it soothing to the eyes.

When you mix up colors, ensure that you choose the right combinations. There must be a balance between warm and cool colors.

Mixing up dark shades can be risky

2. Choose each color wisely


Just to save up time and extra efforts, I painted my entire house with the same set of colors last year. I can’t explain how much I’ve regretted that decision. Same colors just make the environment around you boring. Moreover, one color cannot match the mood and theme of your entire house.

Colors have a serious psychological effect on us, and it’s a wise idea to use colors to control our emotions. That’s what I try to accomplish while picking up colors for interior painting.

Use different colors for different rooms

3. Look for peace and tranquillity for the living room


Although a few experts may disagree with me, I support that your living room must be able to calm you down. The atmosphere of this room should be quiet and peaceful so that you can spend quality time with your family without getting restless and cranky.

Choosing just one color for this is tough. Look for shades of blue, aqua, gray, green or combination of any two of these. Such colors help you connect with the most pleasant scenes of nature – like rising sun or sight of earth.

Once you’ve such a calming colors on the walls, you can experiment with those bold reds and blues through the furniture and upholstery.

Cool shades like blue are recommended

4. Go for dark walls for a young couple’s bedroom


Again something which not many experts will agree to, they would rather suggest you go for neutral for the bedroom. But I find it boring. The colors of the bedroom must reflect the passion and should be able to maintain that cozy and night-time ambiance.

What I suggest for such a place is black or red. I know it takes courage to experiment with such dark colors, but it will be worth taking the risk. If you’re still skeptical about it, go for white and then use wall decals and furniture of black and red color to get the almost similar look. Don’t feel stuck over just two colors. Any dark color belonging to the same family is a safe bet.

Interior painting advice

5. Paint open areas with same color and mute them down


If you’ve open area which has been sectioned into your living area, dining area and kitchen without complete wall partitions, listen! It looks utterly wrong to paint such an area with different colors. I don’t know how people convince themselves for such a stupid move.

Pick up one single color for the walls of such an area. Don’t experiment with dark shades, rather go for neutrals. Dark and intense colors just don’t go well with the mood of such zones. Neutrals like beige and gray look fabulous.

Interior painting trends and advice

6. Use attention grabbing colors for the center piece


I have a bookshelf that I use as a corner piece in my living room, but it’s the only section of the room which is different than usual. Keeping it in the same neutral shade just didn’t do it enough justice. So, I let the shelf stay white and painted the visible wall from its sections – orange.

The color pops up against my collection of books and also acts as a centerpiece of my living room. No guest goes without noticing that piece I created. Create such a centerpiece for your area using a bright color that would pop out against your other furniture.

7. Go for neutrals for a long-term investment


If you don’t want a plan to go for interior painting in the upcoming years, I suggest you go for neutral shades for your house. These are timeless and don’t go out-of-fashion. That’s probably why people always prefer big furniture like sofa and beds in neutral shades.

If you’re just way too confused to decide the color scheme you want in your house, these shades are your best bet as neutrals can never go wrong.

Neutral shades are always in trend

Popular colors of the season

Now that you have learned the seven most valuable tips I found out through my experiments with interior painting; it’s time to reveal the top-most colors of this season.

1. Purples and lilacs

The warm shades, when combined with cool grays and whites, create an entirely sophisticated combination. Spring Lilac, a lavender shade, would be a great pick for a bedroom or living room. Lavender lipstick, a truly romantic shade, is fit for a young couple’s bedroom. Brinjal, dark shade, is another trending color of the season.

2. Milky Blues

Light blue shades are fabulous for a low-risk home makeover. Do You get the point? If you don’t want to stand the risk utterly spoiling your home’s space through your color experiments, these are the shades you should pick. Parma gray and blue heron are two trending colors from this family.

3. Neutrals

Powdery pink shade is trending so much. Don’t even dare to term it as a girlish shade. It’s rather calming and smoothening and not at all gender specific. It might sound from the name but would not give the similar expression after the final coat. Cream and white shades are also very much in trend.

These are the top three trending shades of the season. There are plenty of color options in each of the shading group, so stop worrying about having the same thing all over your house. Experiment with different colors and finish the look by working on your furniture and upholstery. You can paint it too if that doesn’t compliment your wall colors.

Unleash your imagination, and remember the much-essential tips about interior painting trends of the season. Are you planning to give a fresh coat of paint to your house this season? If yes, let us know what color you’re crushing over.

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