8 Reasons Why Your House Needs A Fresh Coat of Paint

why your house needs a fresh coat of paint

If you have landed up here, we’re sure you’re a responsible homeowner who pays a lot of attention to his/her house. And we’re sure you’re already busy looking for some new home improvement projects. Is painting in the list? If no, we have eight reasons that would compel you to put it on the top of your priority list.

interior painting benefits

  1. Make your space look bigger: Colors that reflect light can make a room look bigger. With a fresh coat of paint, your house can look much bigger and cleaner. Go for light reflective colors. Or better go for plain white!
  2. Spray paint the hardware: Is that old hardware fixture in the bathroom an eyesore? Change it. But it can get costly. Here’s a cheaper and better solution – spray paint. Quickly spray paint the hardware fixtures to make them look brand new.
  3. Protect materials: Exterior painting acts as a protective cover. With a fresh coat of paint, the walls become less prone to damage caused by rough weather or even usual wear and tear. It also decreases the chances of pest infestation, in case you use high-quality products.
  4. Cleaner home: Do you want some deep cleaning? Begin with the paint. You would need to move all the furniture and in the process, you can look at each nook and corner of your house. You’re able actually to clean everything in your house.
  5. Transform your room: There have been many claims that interior painting is one of the cheapest home improvement projects. And we can do nothing but agree. Painting can lift up the value of your house and is such a fun task to do. Do it yourself!
  6. Hideaway the marks: Bringing a new pet or having a baby comes with its share of problems. Puppies can leave scratches on the wall while kids get extra creative if they get hold of a piece of chalk or crayons. The only way to hide away such playful marks from the walls is to paint.
  7. Positive energy: Do you know that the colors in your bedroom can affect your mood and personality? Red encourages appetite while blue encourages productivity. Green and pink bring tranquilly. Lavender calms your nerves and yellow give you energy. If you get restless in a particular room in your house, consider changing its color!
  8. Change is good: Bringing some change in your home can help you freshen things up. Your house can look stark new and feel like heaven. All with a fresh coat of paint.

So, why don’t you stop looking for reasons to paint your house and just do it?

Why should it be the first home improvement project for the year? It allows you to plan everything else in a better way. It will also reduce the number of other projects you should undertake. You can do it yourself or hire a painter to do the job. Happy painting!

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