When To Hire A Professional Painter

Professional Painter

In this guide from Same Day Pros, you will learn when to hire a professional painter, and how professional painting can help you add a little more flair to the inside or outside of your home.

When to Hire a Professional Painter

There are many reasons people will hire a professional painter. From landlords looking to improve the space between tenancies, to homeowners trying to improve the property’s value and interior design, hiring a professional painter is the way to go. (1) Not only does hiring a professional save you a lot of headache, time, and stray paint spatters, but it’s worth every penny in how good the room looks in comparison to a DIY job.

A fresh coat of paint brightens a room and makes the exterior look newer. Although painting is a common DIY project for most homeowners, it may be more work than you are willing to do.

– Forbes

No matter what your reason for hiring a professional painter is, it’s an excellent choice to bring a little life into any home, office, or apartment space.

Walls Need Repair

If your walls need repair or paint stripping, it is best to call in a professional for recommendations. Sometimes, the painting company can take care of the damage by covering it up with drywall compound. In severe cases where there are holes, large dents, or termite damage, they may be able to provide you a recommendation of next steps for repair before they can come and paint. Wall repair is a difficult thing to paint around in a DIY setting.

You’re Remodeling


Remodeling is one of the top reasons why individuals get the walls re-painted. With construction going on inside or outside of the space, it can be difficult to keep the wall paint in top condition, and additions may leave your paint looking mis-matched. A good painter can re-paint the whole space in no time, helping give your home a brand-new feel.

You Use a Specialty Finish

If your walls require a specialty finish to provide them with extra gloss or sheen, but you aren’t certain what it is, or how to get ahold of that paint in stores, then you may need to consult a professional painter. They can look at your current paint or pictures that inspire your vision and help you find the specialty finish that works best for your space. A lot of people forget that professional painters do more than simply paint the walls; they also help you design the space.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are difficult to paint without special equipment, which is why professional painters are most often called in to paint these rooms.

Even if the homeowner has painted the rest of the house, a home with high ceilings requires additional ladders, safety precautions, and longer, professional-grade rollers to make the painting process possible.

This is especially the case if the whole home needs painting, including stairwells or rooms with tight or uniquely shaped corners. Professional painters are experienced and know how to handle these types of rooms best.

Looking for an External Coat of House Paint

Exterior coat of house paint

While the interior is straight-forward for most ambitious DIYers to tackle, the outside of the house is a whole other story. You should always call a professional painter to take care of exterior house painting.

Exterior house painting is a lot more difficult, requires different kinds of paint and much more expensive equipment, such as tall ladders and safety equipment to ensure easy coverage.

Furthermore, the prep that goes into painting the home’s exterior is a lot more laborious and time-consuming. It is not an easy project for a DIYer, even in a group setting.

You Need to Strip Old Paint

Stripping old paint is a time-consuming process but may be necessary if you are trying to remove tint or reclaim the color so that you can paint the walls a lighter color than what is on the wall at the beginning.

Stripping old paint also requires a lot of care, because the chemicals can be hazardous to breathe in, and the room will need to be well-ventilated, with access restricted until the fumes have completely gone away and the paint stripped. Not only is this process frustrating and laborious, but it can take days before the paint job is ready to begin once stripped.

You Don’t Have Time

Painting takes a lot of time. If you were to work on preparing and painting an average-sized room by yourself, it would take several hours a day.

You might be done painting at the end of a week, unless you wanted to paint the baseboards and trim as well, in which case, you’ll need to stock up on more painter’s tape and dedicate another day or two to this precise work.

Furthermore, if you make any mistakes with DIY painting, or use low-quality paint so that the edges aren’t clean when it comes away, you may be in for even more time spent fixing the affected areas.

You Want it to be Perfect

If you are someone bothered by small mistakes and inconsistencies, and you want the paint job to come out perfectly, then you should hire a professional.

This is a prime example of when to hire a professional painter because the crisp lines and rich colors that come out of the project are well worth the money spent, and it will last for a long time.

Many companies will even provide a satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to highlight any mistakes after the work is completed, and a painter will come back to fix the affected area. For painting companies, customer service is an important part of their reputation as reviews can impact how many customers they get.

You Want a Similar or Lighter Color

Painting the walls a similar or lighter color is difficult for many people because the layer underneath will tint what is above it. A professional painter, however, can help you color match to ensure that the resulting color comes out perfectly, and that it won’t be tinted from the color underneath.

Not only is this a matter of what type of paint they select, but it is also in how their team prepare the walls when switching to a lighter or similar color than what is currently on your wall. In some cases, they may prime over the paint, or they may remove as much of the paint as possible.

Is a Professional Painter Worth It?

Professional Painter

Yes, a professional painter is worth every penny they charge, but you should take care to find a reliable painter who is licensed, insured, and can do the job you are looking for. If possible, ask for references or a portfolio that they can show you with designs and colors similar to what you are looking for.

Not only does a professional painter’s work last a lot longer than DIY painting, but it is much more crisp and the color stays vibrant, adding a lot more life to the space than most budget-friendly DIY paint projects can provide.

How Long Should It Take a Professional Painter to Paint a Room?

A professional painter typically works in teams to get the job done faster. If they are painting multiple rooms, they can divide the work between rooms while waiting for one room to dry before returning to it for any additional coats.

This saves a lot of time during the whole project. Still, between coats of paint drying and the amount of square footage it takes to complete the project, a professional painter may take two or three days to paint an entire room. If baseboards and trim is included in the job, it may take an additional day as the area must be un-taped, and re-taped once the wall paint has dried to prepare the trim and baseboards for painting.

Is It Cheaper to Hire a Painter or Do It yourself?

It might look cheaper initially to do the painting all yourself, but a DIY job is never cheaper than quality professional services in the long run.

A can of paint at your local hardware store can run you anywhere from $30 to $80 depending on the brand, quality, and size. That, however, doesn’t even begin to cover any kind of equipment like rollers, paint trays, quality painter’s tape, or ladders.

Did you know that primer is an essential step that most DIY painters skip, that makes professional paint stand out and last longer?

A professional painter already has all this equipment, as well as the experience to use it and knowledge of which paint lines last longest in which rooms. In the long run, a professional paint job is far less expensive.

Now, You Just Need to Find a Professional Painter Near You… We Can Help

Find Professional Painter

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