Best Junk Removal Solutions after Thorough Spring Cleaning

Junk Removal Tips After Thorough Spring Cleaning

Did you just finish up a major home improvement project? Or you finally finished all the spring cleaning you planned to do. The mess that’s created after deep home cleaning can be overwhelming. You might have already started to resist the urge to put all the waste in the basement or garage as you’ve no idea what to do with it.

You’re not alone. It becomes tough to deal with a huge pile of waste. In our previous post, we suggested some solutions to sort out the junk after spring cleaning and then how to handle it. In today’s post, we are going mention some real junk removal solutions to help you clear out your mind and remind you of the solutions available.

1.    Turn organic waste into compost

Convert Organic Junk Into Compost

Let’s deal with easiest one first. All the organic waste can be used as a natural fertilizer and is extremely beneficial for your yard. If you have some spare space in your garden, make a compost pile and get ready to save up some money on fertilizing your lawn.

2.    Call a dumpster

What to do with all the inorganic waste? You can call for an empty dumpster. You can fill it with all the junk you have and the company would pick up on a specified date. You would need to segregate the waste into two –recyclable and non-recyclable.

3.    Call a junk removal service

If there’s waste like construction waste, electronic waste or any big items that can’t be disposed of using the second suggestion we put forward, you need to call for a junk removal service. Dealing with them is easy. Call them, tell them about the waste, get an estimate, fix a date for the job and let them do it. Head over to our blog for some more tips on junk removal.

Too much junk can cause stress

4.    Give the items to save warehouses

If you have any furniture, we suggest you use this option. Save warehouses recycle and refurbish the products and resell them. It will also help you make money from the junk and is also environment-friendly.

5.    Sell online

You can sell a lot of items online on places like ebay. Fashion items, home decor items, and usable gadgets come under the list of the things that can be sold.

6.    Do some DIYs

You can recycle a lot of junk in your house and create some home decor or useful item out of it. Of course, you would need some research and time for this, but the results are amazing. For researching, begin with Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow us there while you do your research.

Junk Removal Solutions

Make sure you decide early. While you start spring cleaning, you would already have an idea about the kind of junk you will face in the end. Start selling your clothes and shoes early. You will also get a better price for that. Organic waste must be readily put into the compost pile. Take some time to decide what to do with furniture and electronic waste. And be very careful while hiring a junk removal service. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with it. This post can help you understand it better. Have a look!

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