How To Deal With Spring Cleaning Junk And Make Money?

Junk Removal And Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. You come across things you never knew you had, and then you face the toughest situation of disposing of the things you don’t want. For ease of communication, we will refer to everything like that as junk.

These can be clothes, books, CDs & DVDs, electronics, sports items, toys, boxes, newspapers, construction material or anything you want to get rid of. While some things are easy to dispose of, some aren’t.

For example, what to do with those big buckets of paint that have been lying in your basement for three years? What to do with those wires and switchboards you bought but never used? What to do with those big boxes you saved for you-don’t-know-for-what?

If you’re working on spring cleaning, which you should, you will look for solutions to all these issues you might face. Why not prepare yourself in advance? Here’s how you can deal with the spring cleaning junk and make some extra cash.

Note: Not every option we’re going to list would fetch you money, but it can certainly bring you peace of mind.

1.    Fashion items:

Junk Removal Must Begin With Getting Rid Of Unused Clothing Items

Got some clothes and fashion accessories that are going in the trash? Sell them online on websites like Tradesy, Plato’s Closet, ThredUp and Poshmark. Before you complain about not being able to sell anything, here are some tips. Make sure you sell the items that go with the season. For example, don’t try to sell your winter hoodie during spring. Also, take lots of pictures from different angles. The better your product looks, the better chance it has to be sold.

2.    Home goods:

Spring Cleaning Tips

A lot of this will come from the kitchen. Dinner sets which you have never used, kitchen storage sets which you never knew you had and ottomans and throw pillows which are enough to fill your living room (literally) – all these need to go. If you have got a lot of stuff like this, a yard sale is the best option for you. But if you feel the quantity isn’t that much, try looking for Facebook groups with yard sale theme and sell these over there. You can also sell on Craigslist and eBay.

3.    Electronics:

How To Dispose Of Electronics

Here’s an option to get rid of those phones, tablets and computers without posing a risk to your environment. Put all your old iProducts in Apple’s reuse and recycling program for an Apple gift card that you can use for your new purchases. Other websites like Gazelle, Glyde, ExchangeMyPhone are an excellent option to sell other electronics. What to do with the broken electronics? Check the U.S. government site or try on Best Buy and Earth 911.

4.    Books and newspapers:

Old Books

You can sell your old school books as well as novels. Of course, they won’t fetch you a lot of money, but some loose change is better than nothing. Another great way to deal with these is to look for some DIY ideas on Pinterest to repurpose the stuff and join the DIY bandwagon.

5.    Pizza boxes and plastic:

Junk Plastic

A weird entry? Not for a person who has like 40 pizza boxes lying under the sofa. Plastic is rare in the house, but some scrap pieces can be found and obviously, these items pile up quickly. Spring cleaning requires these to go. Cardboard boxes are easily recyclable. Locate a local recycling unit and drop these over there. Or ask a junk removal company to do that if the pile is too big.

6.    Furniture:

Furniture Junk Removal

If it’s still usable, sell it online. If it’s broken, ask a junk removal company to do the task for you as this is probably too big to be removed.

7.    Other weird stuff:

Let’s accept it! We all have some stuff which doesn’t fit into any category mentioned above. Before throwing it away, try selling those eBay. Remember good photography and details are necessary.

Call in a junk removal service: Once you follow all the above points, you won’t be left with too much junk. But whatever is left (and construction waste), must be removed with the help of a proper junk removal service. Look for one using Same Day Pros and make sure your house deep cleaned.

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