How Junk Removal Is Causing You A Great Risk?

Junk removal

When was the last time you checked the license of a service provider you hired? Maybe you have been lucky enough to find real professionals in your area and never felt the need for hiring a licensed professional. If this time you need to hire for the junk removal, think again!

An unlicensed professional would never know the correct way to dump certain products. It is possible that they fail to segregate the waste properly and dispose of it in an adequate manner. As a result, they may dump everything near your household or in space. And you would never believe how that junk can be used to track your identity and then put you in a serious legal trouble.

inadequate junk disposal

Sorting is an important procedure in the junk removal process. Once it’s hauled away from your site, it is the responsibility of the junk removal service to sort out different kinds of waste and haul them to the adequate landfill sites. Either they must recycle it or leave the trash in a correct place. But where’s the guarantee?

Some items in the junk can be very harmful to the environment. Things like cologne bottles, air freshener cans, and electronic gadgets are inflammable and cause anything ranging from a fire to harmful radiations. It is very cruel to put people (and your family) at a high risk just to save a few pennies by cheap junk removal (Rather insist on green junk removal).

Talk about construction waste and you’re at an even higher risk. Improper techniques can cause injuries to the workmen. When you didn’t bother to ask for a license, it’s highly unlikely that you inquired about workman’s compensation procedure or documents before hiring. That means, if anything goes wrong, you will have to pay for someone’s medical expenses. And they’re a lot. Need we say that?

construction waste

Let’s sum up! What kind of risks can you face while going for junk removal?

You can be jailed or penalized for dumping the waste at the wrong place (Even when you didn’t do it).

You will be posing a great health and safety risk for yourself and your family (even when you thought the junk would be taken far away from where you live).

You will be aggravating the environment pollution situation and can even contribute to radiation leaks (even when you didn’t expect that the junk removal company would be so careless while dumping the waste).

You will have to pay the bills of an injured workman (even when you were unaware of the fact that a novice is handling such a dangerous and tedious job).

Sounds pretty scary! Doesn’t it? Being careless and trying to save a few pennies by hiring an unlicensed junk removal person is a very absurd idea. How to avoid such situations?

Always hire a licensed junk removal service. Ask for workman’s compensation and liability insurance proof. Never make an upfront payment. Pay only when the work is finished. Do enough research before hiring. Maybe ask your friends and families for reviews or check online.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, next time you need junk removal services, keep all the risks and possible ways to reduce such risks in mind.

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