8 New Things We Wish You Start Doing This Spring

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Do you love gardening? Do you like to spend your weekends working on your lawn? Welcome to the club! Lawn care is one of the most satisfying hobbies humans have picked up. It’s relaxing, motivating and fruitful. It’s lovely.

But aren’t you bored of doing the same things over and over again? If yes, here’s something to help! We have put together some new things we want you to try with your lawn this spring. All of them might not be new to you, but we do hope you come across some good ideas while reading this!

1. Sow some plants

Don’t just focus on the grass spread. We feel a lawn is incomplete without some colorful plants. Water efficient plants can help you save money on lawn irrigation and make your garden more attractive.

2. Experiment with colors

Have plants with contrasting colored flowers. Don’t try to rake in variety as that would look quite haphazard. Think of creating a subtle pattern of colors around your lawn.

3. Plant some trees

We recommend this to each one of you. A decent spread of grass looks beautiful but having some trees scattered around would make your garden look even better. Consider the space you have and try adjusting a couple of trees accordingly.

4. Stop using exotic plants

Exotic plants might not be suitable for your local climate. Thus, they require extra care – fertilizers, water, pesticides and what not! You could save money and efforts on all this if you just go for local species. They are little maintenance and would look beautiful if you take care of them well.

5. Go organic

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides can be harmful to your kids and pets. They aren’t environment-friendly. This spring, shift to some green products for your lawn. Use organic compost. Natural fertilizers are the best anyways.

6. Stay away from sidewalks

Some homeowners have a nasty habit of decorating their sidewalks with random plants, statues and more. Don’t do it. It’s illegal and is nothing but an eye sore.

7. Get some indoor plants

Why leave your hobby outside? There are plenty of indoor plants that work as an excellent piece of decor. Did we mention how they can act as small air filters inside your home? How about getting some indoor plants then?

8. Put in more efforts to stay around green places

When you’re surrounded by green areas, you’re more likely to stay healthy. Begin with your home.  From indoor plants to your garden, put a little more efforts on the greenery around you.

Those are the eight things we wish you will start doing this spring. Gardening is an excellent hobby. A little bit of research, some professional landscaping help and loads of attention and love is all you need for a healthy and beautiful garden.

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