8 Must Know Lawn Care Tips For Winter

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With the dropping temperature, people often drop the idea of lawn care and maintenance. With the slow growth of grass, it seems, even more, convincing that much less care is needed for a garden. But this is far from the truth. In fact, your lawn requires more attention in winter, and that’s why we have compiled some great lawn care tips for winter to make sure you’re doing the right things at right time.

1. Mow your lawn regularly:

Mow your lawn even during the winter. Of course, the frequency would decrease depending upon the grass growth but don’t forget to keep a check on it.

2. Maintain the grass as short as possible:

You should start working on this from the beginning of fall. Gradually, cut the blades shorter. Don’t do it at once for it might shock the grass. But make sure you do it unless you want your lawn to get damaged by mice and other small organisms looking for warm places in winter.

3. Go for aeration:

Although fall is the best time for this, but if you didn’t aerate the soil during fall, do it now. This allows fertilizers, oxygen, and water to reach the roots easily and thus, would prepare your lawn for the spring.

4. Don’t procrastinate cleaning off the leaves:

Raking the leaves in cold weather isn’t a winning idea. But if you keep putting it off, fallen leaves will stick to the grass blades depriving them of necessary nutrition and would cause suffocation. Instead of completely removing the fallen leaves, you can also consider mulching the leaves to make them act as a protective cover for the grass during winter.

5. Use fertilizers:

This is one of the largest lawn care tips we have for you. Understand that though the growth of grass leaves slows down with the onset of fall and winter, the roots continue to grow at a fast pace. Thus, they require proper nutrition. Late fall or early winter is the best time for this.

6. Keep the lawn clean:

Don’t leave any kinds of objects on the grass. Even a small toy must be removed. That’s because when snowfall happens, that object will create a dead spot on the lawn. Dead spots aren’t good for they leave long lasting effects.

7. Continue Watering:

Another crucial point in our lawn care tips is that you must continue to water the grass. If you reside in an area that faces heavy snowfall, melting snow is enough for providing moisture to the grass roots. But if you live in warmer climate, make sure you water the lawn. Reduce the amount and frequency but don’t stop.

8. Stay away from the grass:

The grass is more likely to get damaged when it’s wet or frosty. Make sure you use pavements instead.

These are our lawn care tips for winter. We’re sure that if you follow these tips strictly, you will never have to face any lawn related troubles and would see a beautiful, healthy lawn in spring.

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What kind of steps do you take to save your lawn in winter? Is there anything we missed which you think is vital and should have been a part of our lawn care tips? Tell us.

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