REVEALED: Secrets To A Lush, Green Lawn

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There are only three secrets that you need to know while aiming for a lush, green lawn. If you want a beautiful garden this summer, this is something you should check.

“Isn’t it amazing how something like a garden becomes so dear to us? I have got an indoor plant which always makes me calm down. I feel restless when I am not around it. While I go on trips, my phone calls are about if my plant was watered at the right time. I know it sounds too much, but I also know that a lot of people would resonate to what I am saying.”

If you’re a person who did feel familiar while reading those words, this is something for you. This is no big secret kept hidden for centuries. It’s simple but often ignored. Many a time it happens that the secrets lay right in front of you while you totally fail to notice. These lawn care secrets can be well put into that category.

#1 the secret guide to watering your lawn

Water your garden properly

Water your plants early morning. Right quantity of watering is even more important. Stay consistent. If there’s a situation of the draught, rather skip watering than trying to water every time you can. Irregular watering will put the grass in shock. Go for deep watering. It will make the roots grow stronger and deeper.

#2 The secret to feeding your lawn well

Though it varies, on an average, your garden would require being fed twice a year. Yes, we mean you need fertilizers. What kind of fertilizers? That depends on your lawn’s current health. There are some ways to check the quality of soil and what nutrients it lacks. Maybe we should write about that too. For now, call up your local lawn care service for some information. Go organic with lawn care.

#3 Lawn mowing

Lawn Mowed

Oh, look! We have already shared a lot of lawn mowing tips in our last post. Check it out. The secret is to mow to the right length, in the right direction and the right manner.

Here’s a bonus point: We’re finished with the secret tips for a lush, green lawn, but we think this is important. What if you have those nasty weeds that suck up all the nutrients and makes the secret #2 feel useless.

“A healthy lawn results from careful fending.”

While you will have to fight those, we recommend you treating your lawn spot by spot. It’s not possible in all cases but if there are weeds just in one section of your garden, don’t get the entire area treated. Weed treatment is nothing but bathing your lawn in chemicals. The lesser you do it, the better it is.

We told you these were not some well-hidden secrets. They’ve always been out there. You just didn’t look carefully. Or perhaps you just forget every time summer happens. Make sure you don’t this time. Comment below on what you think!

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