Winter Lawn Care in NJ Do’s and Don’ts

Winter Lawn Care NJ

Talk about winter and New Jersey is quite popular on the internet for the snow clad landscape and people living in warmer climates going ‘wow’ over the beauty of the place. But if you are currently residing in New Jersey, you are probably busy thinking about proper snow removal, furnace maintenance and lawn care techniques.

Let’s not waste your time and share what you must know about winter lawn care in NJ.

Winter Lawn Care in NJ Don’ts

1. Don’t try to shovel the lawn

That thick layer isn’t going to damage the grass. In fact, snow acts as a protective layer to protect the grass and provide the optimum amount of moisture to it. Using a shovel on your lawn would damage not only the grass blades but also create dry spots (no matter how carefully you remove the snow).

2. Don’t walk on the lawn

If you have put in great efforts in building that perfect garden, ensure that no one walks over it while it’s covered with snow. Walking on the snow-clad grass will lead to brown spots for the grass gets crushed (and choked).

3. Don’t use salt to melt off the snow

Be careful even while you’re trying to melt snow from the pathways around your lawn. Sodium-based products aka salt aren’t good for your lawn. Better use sand or calcium chloride based products.

Winter Lawn Care in NJ Do’s

1. Use markers for the boundaries

To make it clear to the snow removal company or to eradicate the possibility of error while you’re shovelling, you should clearly mark the limits for driveways and pathways around your lawn. Else it might get dug accidentally which is a big NO for winter lawn care in NJ. Even if a small part faces such misplaced judgement, it can turn all your spring lawn care efforts futile and lead to an ugly unimpressive lawn.

2. Mow the grass shorter

Longer blades invite hibernating animals to make their nests on your lawn. If you love your lawn more than those rats and mice looking for a safe place in winter, better mow the blades even shorter than usual.

3. Use fertilizers and water regularly

People often forget to water their lawns in winter. It’s the truth that you don’t need it that often. If your area is receiving heavy snowfall and has faced a very wet week, skip it. But be careful during the dry weeks. Once snow happens, you might not be able to water your lawn for days. So, never procrastinate on that.

Also, consult a lawn care professional to give you some tips on which fertilizer to use on your garden and in what quantity. It differs with different areas so don’t rely on general advice you read on blogs.

4. Keep checking for pests

They can happen, more often than you think in winter. Therefore, you must maintain a check on your lawn and behave like a caring parent who doesn’t ignore the kid just because he wants to snuggle up in the cozy bed in his warm room.

We hope you will keep these winter lawn care in NJ Do’s and don’ts in mind and take good care of your lawn in winter. You must if you want a beautiful garden in the spring.

Let us know if you have more questions about winter lawn care in NJ. We will be happy to help!

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