9 Lawn Irrigation Tips You Must Know of

lawn irrigation tips

Have you been wondering how to improve the lawn irrigation techniques you use? Watering the lawn utilizes a lot of water. A large part of it gets wasted and sometimes, even end up damaging your lawn.

That’s the reason we found it necessary to share this essential piece of information that every homeowner must know of while watering the garden.

1.    Stop overwatering

Overwatering your lawn would cause shorter root systems. Your garden becomes more susceptible to dry conditions and pests. Check your municipal by-laws for outdoor water use. Do we need to mention how excessive watering equals to water wastage?

2.    Deepwater your lawn

watering your lawn

Deep watering helps in root growth. The depth of the lawn’s root system increases and directly affects the health of your lawn.

3.    Water at the best time

The best time to water is early morning. Avoid watering at night. A long period of dampness increases the chances of fungus and disease. Try to avoid watering on windy days as well.

4.    Get a rain gauge

A rain gauge tells you exactly how much water your lawn has received. It can help you avoid overwatering.

5.    Position lawn sprinklers correctly

lawn irrigation system

Position them so that they don’t wet the sidewalks.

6.    Essentials of a lawn irrigation system

If you’re using an irrigation system, use one with weather based controller. Motion sensors and micro-drip systems can lead to significant savings in water cost. Drip irrigation systems use 20% less water than a traditional pop-up sprinkler system.

7.    Check for leaks

If you’re moving to a new house or haven’t done this since last few years, call up your local lawn irrigation contractor and ask him to check for in-ground leaks. Also, check for leaks in the hose.

8.    Reduce the spread of grass

If you want to save up some cost on lawn irrigation, consider replacing a part of your garden with water efficient plants rather than just grass.

9.    Use fertilizers

A standard fertilizer may burn your lawn. Ask your local lawn irrigation contractor to suggest you the right fertilizer or just do the task for you. Using a fertilizer is necessary as, over a period, the soil becomes water repellent. No matter how much you irrigate it, the water won’t reach the roots properly. Using a fertilizer is the best treatment for this.

Following these tips is crucial to your lawn’s health and your pocket. By strict implementation of these tips, you can ensure that you have a beautiful lawn that’s healthy and water efficient. You can also save up some big bucks on that.

We hope this information was helpful to you, and we would love to share more information on lawn irrigation if you require that. Let us know in the comments down below about what you think of the tips we mentioned. Do you want us to keep sharing tips like these?

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