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Planning Your Lawn’s Irrigation System

You can’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Not all lawn care or landscaping companies offer lawn irrigation services. It’s best to contact a lawn irrigation specialist in order to ensure your lawn gets exactly the right amount of moisture. Help your lawn irrigation professional help you by following these steps.

Regulations and Permits

There may be  local restrictions you need to follow, especially if an area prone to draughts. If your county clerk can’t help you, try your water company. You may need a permit in order to get a lawn sprinkler system.

Check The Water Pressure

Your lawn irrigation system will be hooked up to your home or business’ water supply. There needs to be enough pressure in your pipes in order to move enough water into the lawn irrigation system.

Mapping Your Property

Make a rough map of your property, imagine your looking down on your property from above. Use graph paper or unlined paper. It’s best to measure your property when making a sketch, but even if you don’t have the time to do this, a rough sketch will still help.

Include in your sketch:

Your home or office
Any outbuildings like sheds, flagpoles or gazebos
Areas of lawn
Locations of bushes, gardens or trees
Where outside faucets are on the walls? Or are they located away from your home?)
Give the sketch to the lawn irrigation installation professional and let them take it from there.

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