The Only Lawn Mowing Tips You Need To Know

Lawn Mowing Tips

Who doesn’t want the picture perfect lawn? But spending hours on the grass or hundreds of dollars on lawn care isn’t always possible. Right?

Here are some lawn mowing tips that can help you build your dream yard without paying extra bucks or spending extra time on it. All you need is a little bit of awareness and remember these tips while mowing your lawn.

1. Sharpen the mower blades

Ensure that you sharpen the lawn mower blades at least twice every season. Sharpened edges would lead to a uniform and smooth cut. Dull blades cause jagged edges and result in dry spots.

2. Mow to the optimum height

Right height of the grass depends on its type. Better ask a lawn mowing services provider for this. But here’s why it’s necessary to cut the grass to the right height. Shorter grass doesn’t mean less work in future. It means grass gets more susceptible to damage due to heat. Its root system gets weak.  It can also lead to dry brown spots which can mar the look of your lawn. You must keep the height between one to four inches.

3. How many times do you need to mow your lawn?

The frequency varies according to the season, and the height of the grass. Mow your lawn after every four to five days in spring, once every fortnight in summer and again more in winter. The grass type and its growth rate make a lot of difference. Better ask your local lawn care professional to suggest you. Never mow more than one-third of the current length in one go.

4. Your garden needs less water than you think it does

Contrary to the traditional beliefs, your lawn doesn’t need to be watered every other day. Even during dry periods, one watering a week is enough. But we might be wrong, for what matters is the amount of water rather than the number of times you do it. So, here’s something precise. Your lawn needs just one inch of water a week. Yes, it’s not exactly a lawn mowing tip, but you can’t mow a dead lawn (Check a few more organic lawn care tips for a healthy lawn). Right?

5. Don’t mow your lawn when it’s wet

You get a more even cut with dry grass. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to mow your lawn early morning. The grass is often moist. Make sure it’s dry before you start lawn mowing. In dry weather, of course, you should water the lawn a bit early to make sure that the water gets thoroughly absorbed by the soil and not get evaporated due to the sun.

6. Keep changing the mowing patterns

Keep changing the direction in which you mow the lawn every week. That will make your grass more healthy. It will also look cleaner and better.  Also, grass will grow more straight this way.

7. Don’t haste

If you have been reading carefully, you would know that you need to mow your lawn just a few times a month. So, take your time when you do it. Hurrying would lead to an uneven lawn and isn’t good for your lawn’s health.

8. Use natural decomposition process as fertilizers

During spring and summer, the clippings contribute to almost 30% of the nutrients your lawn requires. Therefore, leave the clippings instead of removing them. Remember not to do this at the very beginning and end of the growing season. The decomposition rate at this time is very slow, and hence, you must practice removing the clippings.

Now, you have got the information about when should you mow your lawn, how should you do it and what you shouldn’t do to damage your lawn while mowing. you’re pretty much prepared to make your garden look Instagram-worthy this spring. Aren’t you?

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