Questions to Ask Professional Lawn Care Or Lawn Mowing Companies

lawn care companies

Ask questions to see which professional lawn care company or lawn mowing company is right for you.

Most communities are served by dozens of lawn care and lawn mowing companies. How can you tell which one is right for you?

Here are some questions suggested by several reputable lawn care and lawn mowing professionals.

Do they guarantee their lawn care service? Many companies guarantee your satisfaction. Ask about the specifics. If they damage your lawn, will they fix it or simply refund your money? Is the guarantee in effect only if you subscribe to their entire service?

How good is their lawn care work? If it’s good, they will have satisfied customers. Ask for referrals. Find out how long the company has been in business and how many repeat customers they have. (A 20- to 30-percent annual turnover is normal.) How quickly do they respond to your lawn care complaints? Will you have to pay for follow-up visits? Most professional lawn care companies do not charge for callbacks.

What is their minimum charge? Do they provide a written contract specifying what services they include? Or are they just a lawn mowing company? Lawn care companies should provide customers with written advance notice of automatic renewal for lawn care or lawn mowing services past the first year. Written lawn care contracts will also specify the lawn care services to be included in the program.

Are they flexible? Will they make adjustments to their routine application schedule? For example, will they skip the early spring fertilization and provide a late fall fertilization instead? If you are willing to tolerate a few weeds, will they skip the pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide and come back later to make a post-emergent treatment if needed?

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How do they train their employees? Training time varies from none to several days. All applicators should have a basic ability to identify grasses, weeds, insects, and diseases. They should also know what they are applying, why they are applying it, and the proper way to apply it.

Are the applicators experienced? In the professional lawn care business, much is learned through experience. Experienced employees are more likely to be able to diagnose problems and take care of them. A professional lawn care company’s ability to retain experienced employees provides clues to its professionalism.

Are the applicators certified? Certification guarantees that the applicators have received some training in safe pesticide handling and have passed a required test.

Does the local lawn care company have insurance? Protect your personal property by requiring proof of coverage from the professional lawn care company.

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