How To Make Your Home More Secure?

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Having a home to live in is a  blessing. But it certainly doesn’t go well when a thief breaks into your house and rob you of your precious belongings. Probably that’s why we all focus on home security systems. But do we do it right? Do we make our homes secure?

If not, how can you do that? What are the necessary components of a home security system and how to pursue them?

1. Motion detector lights

Almost all of us use automatic lights that turn on & off at a scheduled time. Such automatic lights are extremely helpful especially when you’re going for a holiday. There are lesser chances of people knowing that you aren’t at home. But here’s the problem. Any experienced thief will be able to detect the pattern. Remember home alone? How the thieves disguise themselves as police officers and figure out that the lights are just automatic & the family would be gone for the Christmas! That could happen in real life.

Probably that’s the reason why motion detector lights were invented (or yes! they could’ve been invented way before than that). These lights work with sensors that turn on the lights by sensing the change movement or temperature in its vicinity. So, if there’s intruder walking near your main door, he will be seen fast enough. It gets tough to figure out whether the home is empty or not.

Apparently, such lights wouldn’t need to stay on for all the time. Imagine how much money you can save on your power bills! You wouldn’t need to keep the lights on all the time. Rather, they will automatically switch on anytime someone steps near your door.

2. Door locks

Secure locks

Locks are the most important components of your home security system. A good lock is mandatory. Choosing the right lock for your home safety is what you require. The best lock advertised by a company cannot be the best for your home. For example, a deadbolt is an excellent lock, but if you have a window just near your door, your home is at a significant risk. Anyone can easily break the window and open the lock from inside without much effort.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you don’t fall for “best” lock in the market but rather pick the best lock for your home. A locksmith would be able to suggest you better on this for it requires the inspection of your house structure.

3. Surveillance cameras

Surveillance camera

Not all the thieves break in while you’re not at home. Some work differently and will attack while you’re at home. What would you do if someone rings your doorbell in the middle of the night? Answering it just like that could be dangerous. You require to see who’s at the door, and surveillance cameras help you in that.

They’re also helpful when you’re not at home and your doorbells rings. Some systems would alert you through your mobile phone and let you see who’s at the door while you’re doing the shopping at your favorite Target store.

There are three major kinds of surveillance cameras – door, pan & tilt and dome shaped ones. Which one is perfect for you again is dependent on where your house is located and what kind of security requirements you have.

4. Efficient alert systems

You require a high-quality alarm system that has an audible siren and minimum rate of false alarms. A loud siren is highly beneficial to shoo away the amateur thieves. A good quality alert system would also be able to detect the breaches faster and more efficiently. Also, it would reduce the rate of false alarms, thereby making your home more secure.

Motion detectors

5. Critical security measures

So, you have four most necessary components to keep your home secure from intruders. But there are still ways that they can get in, and a lot of them can be easily avoided. Here’s how:

Make sure you hire a reliable locksmith service pro to set up your home security system. In the case of lost keys or issues like that, make sure you hire a licensed and highly reputable locksmith. Remember that these people have the key to your home and if they decide to switch sides, your home can never be safe.

Never forget to lock the doors and the windows while you go to sleep, or you go outside your home. It’s pretty basic, and I shouldn’t be telling you this. But we do forget. Don’t we? So, just reminded you of this.

Stop sharing your vacation details on your social media. It’s always a good practice to do those Instagram posts once you’re back. You cannot imagine who could be tracking your daily activities and break into your house while you publicly declare that you’re on a holiday away from your home. Similarly, don’t trust your neighbors or anyone who know of your home’s location that much.

Don’t answer the door for people who turn up for random surveys or some out of the world reason. Open it only when you’re expecting someone. Be careful when you open the doors for courier boys. Look for their uniform and what kind of package is in their hand before you unbolt the door. Anytime, there could be a thief knocking on your door. You need to be careful while answering it.

Keep your keys safe. Never leave them under the foot mat. It’s like THE most prominent place to leave your key, or even in that plant pot you’ve near your door. People are not dumb!

There you have it! Everything you require to keep your home safe from intruders or even from fake locksmith services. Do you think this provided you with additional information to keep your home secure? Please comment!

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