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The highest number of crimes against home security is in burglary. Statistically, every 15 seconds a burglary occurs in the United States. Thieves attempt to break into homes generally during the day while the homeowner is away at work. They may stake out your home and watch for people’s schedules of when they are unlikely to be home. One of the best things you can do to prevent a burglary is to make it difficult for the thief to enter your home by hiring a local locksmith. Below are some great locksmith tips to prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime.

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Exterior Doors Locks

You should have high-quality doors and locks. Grade 1 or 2 locks are high quality and resistant to being pried or twisted open, and a high-quality deadbolt is also a must. The exterior doors should be metal or solid-core material to prevent breaking down of the actual door. Heavy duty door strike plates mounted to the interior of the door may strengthen attempts to kick in a door.

Sliding Glass and Windows

Sliding glass doors and windows are a weak point. You can strengthen them by using a blocking device on the door such as a wooden dowel or metal bar. You should also place decals on the glass that warn of home security systems or dogs present in the house.  Be sure your bars can be easily removed in the case of an emergency, such as a fire, in which someone needs to get out of the house.


Light timers are a good idea if you won’t be home during the evening, in order to give would-be criminals a sign that someone is home. Exterior lighting is important , so that burglars may be more easily spotted by someone. Bright exterior lights that extend out about 100 feet from the premises are ideal here. You can find a local electrician on the FREE app.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems are also an effective deterrent because thieves don’t want to get caught by the authorities. You should have decals on windows and glass doors, and lawn signs that may serve as a warning.


Lastly, neighbors can work wonders when it comes to prevention of home intrusion. Neighborhood watch groups are a great way to get to know your neighbors and keep everyone on watch for suspicious activity.

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