Mobile Mechanic vs Dealership Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic

In this article, learn the differences between the two types of mechanics and decide for yourself whether its worth hiring a mobile mechanic or if you’re better off sticking with your dealership mechanic.

Features of Hiring a Mobile Mechanic VS. Dealership Mechanic

Hiring a mobile mechanic is a great way to recover time in the day and live your life a little more stress-free. These mechanics handle the vehicle maintenance and repairs for you at a time that is most convenient to you, and they get the work done quickly.

Dealerships, however, often have a lot of overhead and charge a premium for their services, whether the mechanics are as skilled or not as your mobile mechanic.

The upside to using a dealership is that these mechanics are almost always covered under your vehicle’s warranty for certain services. Dealership mechanics are also much more intimately familiar with your vehicle’s make and model, as these mechanics only service one brand of vehicle.

What Is a Mobile Mechanic?

A mobile mechanic is a certified individual who performs mechanical duties on your vehicle. Instead of working in a stationary shop or as a part of a dealership, however, this mechanic travels to your vehicle to do the repairs.

This requires the mobile mechanic to bring portable tools and equipment that allow them to do their job. Repairs may include any kind of minor or basic repair, replacement, diagnosis or maintenance work. The services are often rendered at a time that is convenient for you, such as when you are at work or while you’re at home, allowing you to skip the time-consuming dealership appointments.

A Mobile Mechanic is Just As Capable as a Dealership Mechanic

A mobile mechanic is just as capable as a dealership mechanic when it comes to diagnosing, repairing, or maintaining any part of your vehicle. While a mobile mechanic may be more technically skilled, a dealership mechanic has the premium because they are employed by the larger auto company and in turn specialize in one brand of vehicle.

While dealership mechanics must undergo stricter in-house training in many cases, it doesn’t make them better qualified, faster, or necessarily as skilled as other mechanics in any way. Every individual has their strong suit, and it is up to you to find a mechanic who can best take care of you and your vehicle.

Mobile Mechanics: Convenience and More Affordable Rates

Mobile mechanics are becoming more popular in recent times, especially as fewer people are willing to travel to inconvenient appointments for regular maintenance of their vehicles. The convenience of being able to call a mechanic to your home or place of work to take care of the maintenance there is unparalleled to a shop mechanic.

Furthermore, mobile mechanics’ rates are typically lower than dealership mechanics when compared side by side. Not only are the rates lower or equal, but the amount of time you spend on the appointment for a mobile mechanic is minimal. This is just as important to consider when your vehicle needs a lot of service, as many people take time off from work or sacrifice personal plans to make it to their regular maintenance appointments.

How to Find a Mechanic

It’s easy to find a mobile mechanic VS dealership mechanic. To find a mobile mechanic, simply search for a mobile mechanic on Same Day Pros’ platform.

We’ll help you find out if there are any mechanics in your area willing to dispatch to your location. Once we provide you with that list, you’ll be able to call and inquire about the specific services you need. It’s really that simple!

Same Day Pros has been helping individuals connect with contractors across the United States to a great degree of success over the years – all with no additional fees for you.

When Hiring a Mobile Mechanic Is Best

Hiring a mobile mechanic is best when you know that your vehicle will need service, but it doesn’t quite need it immediately. If your vehicle needs immediate attention, it is either a roadside emergency – which a mobile mechanic can help you with – or the problem has been put off for too long.

To minimize the overall risk of damage to the vehicle, it’s important to seek repairs and preventative maintenance as often as recommended by your mechanic. For example, oil changes for most vehicles should be made every 3 months, or every 3,000 miles – whichever you reach first.

Keep up with the maintenance and your vehicle will last a long time.

Buying a New (Used) Car

Buying a New Car

Buying a new used vehicle? It’s important to consider the health of the vehicle and go into the deal with eyes wide open.

For example, if the vehicle is showing signs of wear in the rotors, you would want to know that before you purchased a used vehicle. (1)

“If you can, hire a mobile mechanic service to do an on-site inspection.”

– Forbes

Instead, you can hire a mobile mechanic to inspect the vehicle before you agree to a purchase, and use that information to negotiate the price, or plan future repairs and maintenance around the inspection report.

Stuck on the Side of the Road

Stuck on the side of road

While many insurance companies offer roadside assistance programs, it can be a while before you see service. Many people end up waiting for their roadside assistance for hours before help arrives, often derailing their day and making their experience miserable.

Fortunately, mobile mechanics are not as strapped for time and do not need to go through the insurance companies to receive their tickets.

Combined with a smaller service area and better response time, mobile mechanics can help you get back onto the road in no time, getting you the help you need and helping you enjoy the rest of the day.

Don’t Have Time to Bring the Car In

Let’s face it, everyone is busy in the modern world, and no one has time to bring the car in on time every time. Without that time, however, your vehicle may wear down as it requires more maintenance that it doesn’t get in time. (2)

“Hire a mobile mechanic to come to your workplace or to service on your car,”

– Huffpost

Hiring a mobile mechanic is one of the top ways you can save time, ensuring you get back on the road in no time. No matter where you are, the mobile mechanic will come to you to do the necessary repairs and maintenance, ensuring your vehicle lasts for as long as possible without sacrificing your time.

Is It Better to Go to a Local Mechanic or a Dealership?

In many cases, it is better to go to a local mechanic than a dealership. While a dealership might be more familiar with the history and details of your vehicle, a local mechanic is more willing to give you out of the box solutions that they’ve seen work time and time again.

You get better explanations and a more hands-on experience with a local mechanic than you will going through a representative of a dealership mechanic relaying information.

Are Mobile Mechanics Cheaper Than Dealerships?

Yes, mobile mechanics are cheaper than dealerships in many cases.

When looking at the pricing of a mobile mechanic VS dealership mechanic per hour, it becomes glaringly clear that the mobile mechanic is not only the more convenient option, but also the less expensive one.

Of course, the hourly rates of any mechanic will still depend on your local cost of living and region; for example, you can’t compare a mechanic in the middle of the Arizona desert to one in New York City, but you will find a similarity between two mechanics both in similar regions.

Why Are Dealerships so Expensive?

Dealerships are so expensive because they have a lot more overhead than a local or mobile mechanic. Furthermore, they are able to charge a premium based on their brand recognition alone.

They do bring their mechanics through a training test that ensures they can perform the work up to a certain standard, but it is less personalized and you aren’t guaranteed to have your vehicle worked on by the same mechanic every time.

Let Same Day Pros Help You Find Your Services

Mobile Mechanic Service

Same Day Pros is the top service that many people in your area count on for finding local professionals the very same day.

We’ll help you find whatever services you need, right when you need them – if it exists in your area, we’ll connect you with a pro!

Mobile mechanic services are just one of the services we prospect for in your area, helping you find reliable services without any hassle. All you must do is get a quote from the contractors who look like the best fit and book a service with them!

Don’t Forget to Look at the Mobile Mechanic’s Certifications

For many people, the mechanic’s credentials and certifications are important. In fact, in many states, mechanics are required to have certain certifications and insurance policies to insure their work. Depending on your state and local municipality, your mechanic may be required to hold different types of certifications.

You can, and should, always ask to see their certifications, ensuring that they are still valid for the service date. This will help you stay in the clear should anything go wrong with the service, or if you need to make a reimbursement claim with your vehicle’s insurance provider.

Where Do Mobile Mechanics Work?

Mobile mechanics work wherever your vehicle is before moving on to another service request. Often going from customer to customer, they dispatch whenever they are needed. Their vehicle, often a van or truck, carries all the necessary equipment to do a good job on the go.

Essential equipment like portable jacks, tire wrenches, spare parts, and a diagnostics machine all travel with the mobile mechanic, enabling them to do any kind of work any time of day.

In some rare cases, the mobile mechanic may be dispatched from a mechanic’s shop. As shops begin to catch onto the idea that mobile mechanics are saving both clients and mechanics from the tiresome, time-consuming appointments, more and more are switching to a remote-based business model that allows them to come to wherever you are.

Is Convenience Worth Hiring a New Mechanic?

While you may have been with your old mechanic for years, it doesn’t make the appointments and maintenance any more of a strain on your busy schedule.

It is always worth hiring a new mechanic if it saves you time and energy throughout the day, improving your quality of life and allowing you to enjoy your time more. Of course, it may take a little while to find a mechanic whose skills you trust as implicitly as a long-time family mechanic.

Additionally, you are not abandoning your old mechanic – many auto repairs will still need to be done in the shop, as there are only so many tools and pieces of equipment that the mobile mechanic can bring with them in portable form.

Find Your Mobile Mechanic Today

With Same Day Pros, finding a mobile mechanic has never been easier. Simply type in your zip code and the desired service and we’ll help you find the pro that you need right away.

Many even offer same day services so you can find who you need, when you need it most!

Try it today to find the top mobile mechanics offering services in your area and get a quote.

Mobile mechanics are an answer to many people’s needs, allowing them to get their car serviced at home or at work rather than booking inconvenient dealership appointments.

Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road with a fully-functioning vehicle again.


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