Pest Control In NJ: How to deal with most invasive species?

Pest Control in NJ

Do you know 300+ species of insects and rodents can create havoc in your life? They could be around you, on your clothes, in your bed, inside your food, in your hair. They could be anywhere or everywhere. Some of them are extremely dangerous and can cause mental illness, diseases, and even death.

This article will inform you about the seven most invasive species in the New Jersey area, how to inspect and prevent them. Bonus content: when is it the time to call for pest control?

1. House Mice

Have you noticed a small hole at the corner in your house? That might be the sign of mice infestation.

These tiny creatures have large ears, black eyes, long snout and are light brown or gray in color. They love to find shelter in any place cozy and stay hidden during daytime. Any place in your house which you use to store food or which is sticky due to some reason is a bliss for these rodents.

They are dangerous for they can easily spread disease, reproduce and damage your house’s structure.

Make sure your clean up your house properly. Pay extra attention to clean up after you prepare food. Keep the garbage bins closed.

pest control in NJ

2. Cockroaches

Is any of your family members suffering from asthma or some allergy? Their condition may worsen due to the present of these insects.

The most common types of cockroaches in America, German cockroaches, enter through boxes which often contain their eggs. Other kinds may come through sewers or cracks in your home’s foundation.

The best way to prevent these is going for regular and thorough home cleaning. Also, never leave food crumbs outside and keep the trash can covered. If you can already see lots of cockroaches around your house, you require professional help. You can find professional for home pest control using Same Day Pros.

Pest Control in NJ - Cockroach

3. Rats

These disease ridden creatures may affect the cleanliness and structure of your building. Two most common rat species in U.S. are Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats are large (weight up to 18 ounces and length up to 16 inches) creatures with brown fur. Roof rats are comparatively smaller (weight up to 9 ounces and measure up to 14 inches) with their fur varying between different shades of black and have a very long tail.

Key signs of rat infestation include scratching noises at night, gnaw marks on wooden furniture and droppings around the house.

To get rid of these, clean up your home and seal all the holes. We would recommend you also call up for pest control services as these creatures can severely damage your house’s structure.

pest control in NJ

4. Termites

Most destructive pests in NJ, these usually creep up through the soil. Make sure you get the soil in your property treated from time to time.

Although soil treatment is very effective in preventing termites, if you do face massive termite infestation, you need to hire a professional and use bait and monitoring system to get rid of these.

When it comes to termites, you must call for professional pest control in NJ without any delays as these are the most destructive species and require quick and efficient action.

pest control in NJ - termites

5. Bed bugs

These creatures crawl on your body at night and suck your blood; leaving rashes but often invisible. Due to this, they often go unnoticed. But if you see hives around your body for a long time, you must look for signs of bed bugs.

Although baby bed bugs are invisible, the older ones can be spotted at night. We will say just the bites on your body are a big enough sign to take action.
Start by cleaning the clutter around your house, washing bedsheets, bedspreads, blankets and other upholstery in warm water. And if you see the issue pertains, call up for a pest control service.

When it comes to bed bugs, the don’ts are more important than do’s. Don’t throw away your furniture or move to another place. You will carry the infestation along with you and make others around you also get affected. It’s better to stay calm and call for professional help.

pest control in NJ - bed bugs

6. Cigarette beetles

These feed on books and food like pasta, dried fish, and seeds. These are very common in tobacco factories but can also attack your home.

Once you site these, you must check the food products in your house and put them in sealed containers. Remember that cigarette beetles migrate very quickly and can make it a pain to isolate the infected things from the rest of the lot.

Vacuum your house and clean the shelves. They often hide in the cracks and crevices of the shelves. Traps and insecticide aerosols are an effective treatment for these but make sure you consult a professional before taking an action like that.

cigarette beetle in NJ

7. Fleas

They feed on your pets, but the infestation can spread even to humans. Trust us! We say that through our personal experience.

If your pet gets infested by them, don’t let your pet socialize with other dogs and hire for pet grooming services for complete treatment. Also, keep your house clean.

Fleas in NJ

We hope the above information about the common pests in the New Jersey area along with signs of infestation and preventive measures would be helpful to you. Do give it a share if it is.

In case, you are facing the tragic situation of heavy pest infestation, you can look for professional pest control in NJ on our site and find some same day service providers that can help you quickly get rid of this dangerous situation.

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