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Unfortunately, Pest control  is something that nearly everyone has to deal with. Even the most vigilant folks with the cleanest houses experience pest infestations and will require a local pest control service or local exterminator. But did you know that the harsh chemicals used in by pest control service  are not safe to be used around family pets? Luckily for those of you with a furry family, there are alternatives to typical pest control services. Here are some pet-safe pest control tips to help you rid yourself of problem pests.

Airtight Containers Effectively Deter Pests
Food items such as bread, flour, rice, sugar, and dried beans regularly attract pests to your home. Sealing these items in airtight containers can help you prevent an infestation from ever occurring. You should also regularly check fruit and vegetables that aren’t refrigerated for damage or bad spots in order to ensure fruit flies and other pests aren’t being attracted.

Use Aluminum Foil to Foil Rodents
Aluminum foil is very effective method for pest control. You can prevent rodents from entering your home by using wadded up foil to fill in any areas where rodents can gain entry. Rodents are unwilling or unable to chew through metal to gain entry to your home!

Apple Cider Vinegar Wards Off Fleas
Flea medicines often come with a long list of warnings, so using apple cider vinegar as a flea control remedy can help keep your pets, flea-free. You can spray down your furry companion and let the fur dry to make your pet less tasty to these problematic pests!

Baking Soda is a Biopesticide
The EPA recognizes baking soda as a bio pesticide and most local pest control service recommend this in the interim between local pest control services. This can help you rid your home of termites, ants, and roaches. All you need to do is mix equal portions of sugar and baking soda and spread this mixture on appliances, baseboards, and doors. Sugar attracts insects, and then they consume the mixture and die from the carbon dioxide bubbles generated by the baking soda. This is a same day pest control remedy  that you can start today to eliminate pest control problems.

Same Day Pros Can Find Your Local Professional Pest Control Company

But as always, sometimes you just need a licensed local exterminator or a local pest control company. Wether you have fleas, or you are in need of termite pest control services you can always find your local same day pest control companies already working in your neighborhood by going to or by  the FREE app. With more than 100 categories to choose from “Achieving Local Professional Same Day Service or Local Professional Same Day Estimates Has Never Been Easier”.

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