5 Mistakes You Could Be Making To Damage Your Plumbing

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The plumbing of a home is something most homeowners rarely consider until a problem begins to arise. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes people make on a daily basis, never realizing they could be causing harm to their plumbing. When these mistakes are carried out, a homeowner may need to call in a professional plumber to take care of the issues and get their plumbing system operating as it should.

1. Using drain cleaner to clear a clogged toilet or drain is a big no-no! Not only are these caustic substances dangerous to your health, they can also cause damage to your pipes. Drain cleaners are made of strong acids that not only eat away at the grease and hair in a pipe but also can destroy the PVC, making it much thinner and more vulnerable to leaks. Instead of using these dangerous products and creating a bigger problem.

2. How many homeowners have a shower organizer hanging from their showerhead? These devices are meant to keep us organized, but they are often way too heavy once they are packed with shampoo and other shower products. This heavy weight was not meant to be held by a showerhead. Eventually, the weight of these devices can cause the head to break loose and lead to spurting water everywhere.

3. Ignoring minor leaky faucets and toilet clogs may not seem like such a big deal, but it could lead to major problems. These seemingly minor plumbing problems could be a sign of bigger issues in the system. It is always advisable to work with a professional plumber to examine the entire system and make sure a minor sign is not simply a warning of bigger problems.

4. Using a garbage disposal improperly will often result in clogged drains that can be impossible to unclog. Though you may think your disposer can handle any type of food, you would be wrong. Some vegetable and fruit peels and fatty items should not be thrown into a disposer because they will cause clogs not only in the disposer but also in the drain. Avoid damaging your plumbing by using your disposer wisely.

5. Performing DIY repairs could cost you big. When you try to go it alone with even minor plumbing issues in a home, you could end up paying out of pocket big time. While a leaky faucet may seem easy enough to repair, bigger repair jobs should be avoided. Calling a professional plumber simply makes sense and can end up saving you time and money.

If you have been doing any of these, make sure you stop now before you cause damage. If you are experiencing signs of problems with your local plumbing service, check SameDayPros which will help you find a local plumber in your area. They are a site that puts customers in contact with same-day professionals so they can have their needed services carried out as soon as possible.

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