5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hiring a Professional Plumber

Professional Plumber

Plumbing is not a task that can be handled by your experimental brain. 80% of DIY plumbing jobs lead to severe damage to your house’s plumbing and require professional help.

We have taken a sigh of relief since the time people started understanding this fact and calling up local plumbing service professionals to fix their plumbing related troubles. However, what if you are hiring the wrong person for the task? You can still end up with the loss of money and damage to your property.

Today we are going to mention the most common mistakes that you might be making when hiring a professional plumber. Why are these so common? Because most of the times you do not even realize that you are making them.

1. You hire a plumber only on basis of the price

Budget is important but compromising with the value of service just to save a few pennies is not a wise deed. Value is the total of quality, customer service, and price and is what you must look for while hiring a professional plumber.

If you keep the money on the top, you might lose the good workers in your area. The reason is simple. The real professionals always have enough work and try to stay away from the price shoppers.

So, when you keep nudging the professional to reduce the cost or pick some other plumber than your regular one just because of the price, you end up losing a valuable technician. He would never be keen to work with you again.

2. You assume that the plumber is licensed

Did you believe that all the workers offering services in your area are permitted? That is far from the truth. Many workers operate without a license and most of the times, people do not even notice it.

You see a plumber serving at your neighbor’s house and see all the equipment he has, and you do not even feel like asking for a license. Do you?

There are many quack plumbers that you must avoid, and the only way to do that is asking for a license no matter how experienced or professional the worker seems to be. Remember that quack plumbers work just for money. Instead of fixing your issue, they might leave your home with a bigger plumbing fault.

3. You do not ask for references

Most of the people are looking for on-demand professionals online. While a lot of them do spend time on reading reviews, many just depend upon what the professional claims on his website or Google listings. Is that enough? Does that make him hireworthy?

You must ask for direct references and talk to the previous clients of the professional plumber you’re considering to hire. You must check the reviews no matter how to haste you are trying to be. Good reviews mean a good plumber while no reviews say imply that he is probably a new plumber. So, choose carefully.

Also, pick a professional who offers a guarantee on his work. A guarantee acts as a proof of his confidence at his work. Moreover, it allows you to report the recurring issues and get them fixed at no extra cost. However, you will not get all of these perks unless you remember to look for them.

4. You judge a plumber’s expertise through his tools

Of course, tools with updated technology are necessary. They make the work easier but judging someone’s knowledge by instruments he uses is wrong.

A plumber might own the newest equipment available but does he even know how to use it correctly?

What would be the utilization of a high-tech plumbing machine when he cannot even operate it?

Wouldn’t you be better off with a plumber who uses old tools but is much more efficient at his work?

5. You do not give your plumber time and space to work

good professional plumber always takes time with his tools and work. It is folly to try and rush the work. That could leave you with low-quality results. Moreover, it would not be the plumber’s fault. The fault would be yours.

Most of the people do not even realize this. They keep on asking how much time would it take for the job to finish and questions like that. That is what rushing the work looks like. Don’t do that.

Do you make sure that your kids and pets are not around the professional while he is at work? Do you even realize its importance? Children and pets may reduce his concentration at work and lead to low-quality work or a big expensive plumbing mistake.

Most of us do not make mistakes deliberately. They just happen, and we do not realize our fault until it is too late. We told you about the mistakes you might be making while you hire a professional plumber. It is up to you to either remember these and avoid them next time you hire a plumber or face the severe consequences.

Have you made a mistake while hiring a plumber that cost you a lot? What was it? What is your learning after that incident?

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