8 Plumbing Jobs That You Must Leave to Experts

Expert Plumbing Services

U.S.A is facing the DIY wave. Accept it! You have thought of fixing some home issues by taking some help from the internet. This definitely seems to be a cost effective way, until you mess everything up and create an even bigger problem.

The ones who don’t go for DIY get busy in looking for cheap on-demand service providers. Such services providers are nothing but cheap. They don’t provide good quality work and often cause you significant monetary loss.

Then what’s the solution? It is to hire a licensed company which provides a satisfaction guarantee. In light of this, here are some plumbing jobs that require you to be extra careful!

1.    Fitting a new bath:

You could be unknowingly breaking water regulations and can face water supply disconnection. It is mandatory to use approved fittings and in some cases, to inform the water supplier. An amateur or an unlicensed contractor would just not know about this job.

2.    Fixing tub & shower faucets:

Fixing a leaky faucet is one of the easiest plumbing tasks, but only in case of bathroom and sinks faucets. Tub and shower faucets require expert assistance. Their valves aren’t visible and if you mess up anything, you put your property at a significant risk of water damage.

3.    Fixing a completely clogged sink:

Clogged drains are very common and are often treated with some chemicals. Most of the time, they aggravate the situation. The problem, then,  occurs repeatedly unless handled by an expert.

4.    Fixing plumbing issues in a rented or multi-family building:

Never try to be a DIYer with such premises. You can’t even legally correct plumbing problems in a house you don’t actually live in. Such an action can cause invalidation of the property’s insurance.

5.    Working on the main water line:

Water main line issues can be tricky and can cause major havoc. A plumbing expert must be the only one water main line.

6.    New constructions:

You can go for nothing but a licensed local plumber. Not only he would know about the state codes required for the task but also, he would ensure the best quality work. Hiring an expert for this job would ensure that there are no code violations and no improper fittings.

7.    Installing a new sprinkler system:

Sprinklers are a necessary part of lawn care. Once the landscaper does his job of getting the permissions and designing the positions, an expert plumber is required to work on the water lines. It’s crucial for proper lawn irrigation.

8.    Dealing with sewer issues:

Sewer problems may be deep-seated. In most cases, individual cameras are required to inspect the problem. Just the inspection for sewer issues is a big thing and is impossible to be carried out by anyone but a professional. Don’t forget that this is a highly dangerous task as well.

Remember that not everything can be done in the DIY way. At least, not the plumbing tasks we mentioned above.

Do you have something to add to this list? Mention in the comments down below!

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