9 Simplified Tips To Prevent Household Plumbing Problems

Fixing Household Plumbing Problems

In today’s post, we’re going to highlight the common household plumbing problems. We’ve also shared some easy to implement prevention tips to avoid these issues. Read this to brush up your plumbing knowledge and to find out how to prevent things from going wrong in a horrible manner. This post can save you from plumbing disasters!

1.    Blocked Kitchen Galleys & Traps

It happens because of the foodstuff that gets washed down the drains. You can unblock the opening using corrosive chemicals. However, we advise you to prevent this situation altogether. Never wash the food down the drain.

2.    Dripping Faucets

They occur due to issues with the hardware or faucet body. There isn’t an exact way to prevent this as it happens because of the continuous use. But you can easily fix the issue by changing the washers or faucet cartridges or replacing the whole fixture.

3.    Water hammer

Water hammer is a situation caused when you suddenly shut off the valves. A loud banging noise comes from the pipes and is usually because of improper plumbing fittings. Prevent this by hiring a professional plumber to do the necessary plumbing in your house.

4.    Non-compliant fittings

They can lead to some household plumbing problems. The best way to avoid this is to buy good quality products from a trusted dealer. The plumber you hire is the best person to advise you on this. Ask him while buying new plumbing fixtures and fittings. Don’t always look for cheap options. Go for quality.

5.    Clogged toilets

Clogged toilets lead to significant amount of water wastage. Remember that toilets are designed to dispose of waste and toilet paper. Don’t try to flush anything else like tampons, baby wipes, cigarette butts, paper towels, and diapers. These items will accumulate over time and cause a clog.

6.    Frozen pipes

One of the major household plumbing problems in winter, they can be prevented if you winterize the pipes. Insulate your pipes before the first freezing night hits your city.

7.    Burst pipes

Pipes burst because of freezing or when they’re under pressure because of a clog. Pipes wear down over a period and call for an annual inspection. In the case of a burst pipe, call a local plumber.

8.    Gas Leaks

Minor gas leaks happen because of the wearing down of the tubes. If unchecked, they can lead to a deadly accident. To prevent this, get your gas pipes inspected when you’re going for the annual HVAC maintenance.

9.    Sewer Blockage

Sewer blockage is a serious household plumbing problem, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that except for being cautious about what you flush down the drains. Never try to fix the sewer problems yourself as it’s highly dangerous. Ask for professional help immediately.

Now that you know about these common household plumbing problems and how to prevent them don’t forget to bookmark this post and write a mental note to keep checking this from time to time. What do you say? Did these tips seem useful?

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