How to Fix Plumbing Before Selling or Renting Your Home?

fix plumbing

It’s imperative that you fix any plumbing issues you may be facing in your Baltimore home before you put it up for rent or sale.

At the same time, you also need to know what you can handle and when is the right time to call a local plumbing company in Baltimore.

This is because DIY plumbing can be tricky at times. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you face any problems.

That being said, you can certainly fix some very basic plumbing issues with the following plumbing tools.


They are a must have! Screwdrivers can fix tub spouts, faucet handles, and many other things. They come in different shapes and sizes because there are various kinds of screws.

Locking Pliers

They work better than adjustable wrench, even if they do the same task.


Hacksaw will be useful when you have to cut bolts and different types of pipes.

Sink Wrench

Sink wrench is a convenient tool usually used to fix the faucet in kitchen, or bathroom sink. It is used to loosen the tight fittings in odd areas.


Tongue-and-groove-pliers are generally used for clamping materials, gripping irregularly shaped objects and turning and holding nuts and bolts. You can buy the standard 10-inch size, which is suitable for almost all plumbing jobs.

If you’re not sure of what the issue is and how to use certain tools, it’s best not to do anything on your own. If you end up damaging something in the process, you’ll end up spending much more than what you would have initially.

Below are a few common plumbing problems that you can solve on your own and save money.

Running Toilet

One of the most common problems that people face around the world is a running toilet. There are various causes for a running toilet. So look for the reason first. Once you know, you can either replace it or repair it.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Use Allen wrench to clean the congested area.

Fixing Faucets

Faucets work with 3 primary mechanisms.

  • Ceramic Disc: There are two discs, one movable (upper) and the other one is fixed (lower). The free one moves against the fixed ones. The movement between these two discs controls the flow of water.
  • Rotating Ball Valve: The ball forms an essential element in proper functioning. The ball is pressurized against the seals when the faucet is closed. The springs, ball, seals – all can wear out over a period causing a problem.
  • Cartridge: A cartridge controls the flow of water. Sometimes this can wear out creating an issue.

Slow Draining Sink

The sink can collect a lot of hair and debris at times. Use Zip-it or a pop-up tool. Both are handy plumbing tools used for cleaning the sink.

Clean Bathtub Drain

To clean the bathroom drain, you’ll need to remove the drain plate. It’s a little difficult but you’ll be able to do it. Now use a drain snake to clean the interiors.

Remember that you don’t have to fix any plumbing issues on your own. You can always call a same day plumbing service and ensure that they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Now you can even contact a plumbing contractor already working in your neighborhood through the Same Day Pros app. It’s available on iOS as well as Android.

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