2 Useful Investments to Prevent Freezing of Pipes This Winter!


Once winter hits, there is a possibility that the dropping temperatures can freeze the pipes. Small leaks can turn into major repairs.

What’s more is that a frozen pipe can crack, spewing hundreds of gallons of water into your home.

So taking the time to winterize plumbing will keep your home safe no matter how cold it gets outside.

Repairing Leaks

The first step towards making your house free from any freezing plumbing issues is to fix all the existing leaks.

If you’re not sure about all the leaks in your house, get a professional plumbing service in Baltimore to inspect before summer hits.

This is because the expansion of water in winter make the pipes crack from areas where there are leaks.

10 Useful Plumbing Hacks This Winter

  1. You need to turn off outdoor faucets at their shutoff valves.
  2. Open the bleeder cap on the shutoff valve to drain any water out of the pipe.
  3. To avoid freezing and cracks, you have to completely drain the pipes.
  4. See to it that water is not dripping else water droplets might freeze.
  5. Install frost-free sillcocks to prevent freezing.
  6. You need to disconnect all hoses from their faucets and drain them.
  7. Try insulated covers for all pipes.
  8. Seal cracks or holes using expandable foam and then insulate it.
  9. If there are water lines in the garage, you’ll need to insulate the garage door.
  10. You can use portable heaters in places with really low temperature.

To ensure that your pipes don’t freeze this winter, invest in the 2 things mentioned below.

1. Wi-Fi Thermostat

It’s a great investment, especially whenever it gets too cold in Baltimore. This smart device helps you control the temperature of the house using your smartphone.

2. Heat Cables

These are perfect for vulnerable pipes. You need to turn the heat on and off as needed to keep the pipe from freezing.

If you are leaving the town for a few days, then you need to turn the water off at the main shutoff.

Furnaces play a very important role in keeping your pipes from freezing. Let’s look at how you can do that.

The biggest step of keeping home safe during winter is to keep your home warm. So try not to turn off your furnace.

Your thermostat should be set to about 55 degrees at all times.

You may wonder how furnaces can impact plumbing.

Well, when the temperature drops it directly affects the pipes. They can freeze and burst.

So you need to make sure your furnace is working perfectly fine.

You need to schedule appointments for plumbing maintenance at least once a year with professional plumbing companies near you.

You’ll find some of the best ones listed on Same Day Pros. You can also download the Same Day Pros app available for Android and iOS.

You can get free estimates from professionals who will help you prepare your plumbing for winter. You can also look for 24/7 emergency plumbing services at competitive rates in Baltimore and nearby areas.

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