Top 9 Bathroom Plumbing Trends for Fall 2016

Bathroom Plumbing Trends

Even though we spend a large part of our time at home in the bathroom, we often neglect it during a home renovation. However, the general inclination of people towards bathroom remodeling is increasing day by day. More and more people have started valuing that half an hour spent in the shower making life decisions (just kidding!).

The plumbing trends for fall 2016 are actually inspired by what the majority of the people crave for. The inspiration definitely comes from what the younger generation would want in a perfect bathroom. Don’t you believe that? You certainly will once you finish reading these top bathroom plumbing trends for fall 2016.

1. Focus on water efficiency

America has seen the worst of droughts and floods this year. While we’re still working on restoring the lives of people affected by Louisiana floods, there’s a section of individuals who are striving to deliver water efficient plumbing fixtures. It’s because of the water shortage and unnecessary wastage of water through bathroom plumbing.

Water efficient fixtures include toilets that utilize lesser water, taps with automatic turn-off feature and showers that preserve water through several innovative technologies.

2. Maximum use of space

Cabinets in the bathroom often stay cluttered, but we can’t make it through without these. Imagine if you didn’t have a single shelf or storage space in your bathroom! Please don’t get panicked with that thought.

In fall 2016, the focus is on practical storage. We all have those bulky storage cabinets in our bathrooms, but the latest bathroom plumbing trends will change the entire storage space.

Vertical shelves utilize the unused space in the bathroom and give you more storage in less space. Due to space crunch and match-stick sized homes, the idea of using the unused vertical space is entirely fantastic.

But at the same time, open shelves are still being loved by many. They can be cleverly placed to use unused space, for example, a shelf that goes over the water tank of the toilet is totally awesome. You can use it for storing towels or even place some vases at the top to have a brilliant bathroom.

3. Metallic fixtures

Metallic bathroom accessories are still going great in the list of bathroom plumbing trends of Fall 2016. Has there ever been a list when these weren’t included? They just help you maintain that common bathroom feel you get. Both polished and rustic metals are greatly included in the latest bathroom remodeling designs.

4. Stronger colors paired with classic white 

Instead of sticking to the light earthen tones; bathroom plumbing trends have a surprise this time. The use of stronger and darker colors like brown and teal is rising. But let’s be real. A bathroom with such dark colors will make you feel extremely uncomfortable just out of the shock of having something so new and unlikely.

These intense colors are being combined with white color to tone down the overall appeal. It results in a perfectly balanced look.

5. Ease of use

Human beings will never stop trying to make things easier for themselves. Laziness is the best quality we have ever discovered. Isn’t it?

A lot of research and thought on how to make the ‘bathroom experience’ easier has resulted into concepts like floating vanities (their height can be adjusted very easily due to which they can be customized very well), curbless showers (they’re so easy to clean) and a super comfy combination of bathtub and shower room. I totally adore the idea of combining bath and shower room.

Most of the people prefer showers to tubs these days, and it’s totally amazing if you can get both of these strategically placed in your bathroom.

6. Tiles 

Of course, how can we talk about bathroom plumbing trends for Fall 2016 and not discuss tiles? When I got my bathroom renovated, it seemed like the only thing that exists in the bathroom is the tiles.

They get much attention. Don’t they? So, what kind of tiles are the best for upcoming years? Mediterranean tiles and 3-D tiles with stripes are the most trending tile designs for bathrooms.

7. Technology & Entertainment 

Bathroom remodeling has put a lot of focus on achieving a perfect blend of technology and entertainment in this little room we have. How’s the idea of soaking yourself in a soothing bubble bath and watching your favorite show on Netflix? That’s the very idea we’re playing with at present.

Wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices, docking stations and a big television screen – these are the trending options when it comes to ‘adding some technology in the bathroom’.

8. Lighting 

Lamps, white lights, and fake fireplaces are being added in bathrooms these days. They just complete the cozy look. I mean, why would anyone need any other room in the house after having all these facilities in the bathroom itself? Moreover, a lot of you already sleep most of the nights in a week in the bathtub (I do sympathize with married men). Don’t you?

9. Pet-friendly bathrooms 

That’s my favorite part. How costly is it to take your dog to the groomer? Well, it may be affordable at times but it’s just too much of work. Recently, a lady took her pet to the groomer and guess what did she forget – the pet! It truly is an intimidating task. Bathrooms, today, are being remodeled to have a special bathing station for your pooch. There are built-in litter trays to make a cat person’s life easier.

What do you think about all these bathroom plumbing trends for 2016? Which one is your favourite?

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