5 Big Reasons Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Plumber


The plumbing system is a very crucial component of every home. Since its invention thousands of years ago, homeowners have reaped the benefits of comfort and safety. This is especially true with its development and modernization throughout the years. When the plumbing system is working smoothly, it’s probably one of the last things that homeowners will think about. However, when issues arise and daily routines are disrupted, we assure you people will be in full panic mode (and this is just the plumbing being clogged or the toilet backing up). They will surely go to great lengths to have their plumbing system restored ASAP.

When it comes to a plumbing crisis, many homeowners will resort to different solutions. Some will choose to go DIY, thinking that being armed with Googled articles and how-to videos will solve the problem. Some will ask a family member or a helpful neighbor down the street to assist them, or some will hire a handyman recommended by a friend with an assurance that a handyman could do any repairs in your home with just a fraction of a cost. And some (the smart ones) will hire a professional and licensed plumber to do the job. Yes, we are labeling those who hire a licensed plumber the “smart ones”. Here are some of the reasons why you should only hire a professional plumber and why is it a smart decision: they are trained and well-experienced, they are protected by insurance, to avoid the dangers resulting from amateur work, for a safer home, and simply for efficiency.

Licensed Plumbers vs Handyman


Not all people who claim to know how to handle plumbing issues are licensed plumbers. You may ask what’s the big deal especially if the handyman is reliable and has lots of experience and claims to be “as good as a licensed plumber”, well those claims could be your pitfall as a homeowner.

Handymen are fantastic when it comes to other household tasks and fixes. However, when it comes to plumbing, being a major component in your home, you shouldn’t leave this to chance. Often, a handyman’s DIY approach could make a plumbing situation worse. They may even use the wrong parts (the kind from your local hardware store instead of a legit plumbing supplier) or cut corners when it comes to materials used.

The main differences between the two professions are very crucial – expertise, training, and licenses. Plumbing is no joke, this is why (though it varies from state to state) licensed plumbers spend thousands of hours in an apprenticeship program to get the skills necessary before acquiring a license. Take note that this could take two to four years to finish! In addition, they also have to pass a lengthy plumbing contractor exam and may even need to undergo additional training requirements.

In comparison, a handyman does not have a license and they aren’t under any regulatory board. They may learn from experience but have no proper training. In case they botch a job, they are technically not liable, and in case of accidents, it could be an additional cost on your part because they don’t have insurance.

Here are more reasons why you should only hire a licensed plumber:

  1. Insurance and Claim


    Anyone who is unlicensed working on your plumbing system means that they are uninsured. Being an uninsured contractor means liability for you. As mentioned above, in case of injuries and accidents while working on your home, it will be an additional cost on your part. But when you choose a licensed plumber, you won’t have to worry about anything as they come with insurance and liability coverage. Note that to have a license, plumbers are required to have insurance, so aside from asking for their license, you can also ask for proof of insurance to make sure that you are working with a legitimate plumber.

    In connection with insurance, did you know that when you go DIY or hire a handyman to do a plumbing job for you, you won’t be able to make any home insurance claims in case of structural damage? For example, if water damage occurs in your home and the cause is a faulty work of a handyman, then you have to say goodbye to the claim from your insurance policy.

  2. Plumbing mistakes are not only costly but dangerous

    Same Day Pros has received a lot of stressed clients who tried to DIY their plumbing issues and ended up with a bigger disaster. From burst pipes down to extensive water damage, our plumbers have seen it all. What homeowners don’t realize is that aside from being costly, it could also be dangerous. Examples of this are households being exposed to bacteria-laden sewage, sewer pipes exploding, and gas leakage in the air with the gas line not being connected properly during an attempt to install a water heater the DIY way. 

    These examples are exactly why you need to bring in the professionals to handle the job for you. Injuries and even death could happen from seemingly simple plumbing issues and installations. Plumbers are trained to work around the problem without endangering themselves and the homeowners.

  3. Hire a plumber now, save yourself from future headaches

    Plumbing Issues

    Of course, it would be cheaper to hire a handyman, and no labor cost when you call in a friend to help you out resolve your plumbing problem. But is it really worth the savings? Sharing a usual scenario encountered by our pro plumbers. The homeowner wants to save a few bucks and hires a handyman. At first, the handyman seems “successful” in resolving the issue, but a few weeks later, due to poorly done plumbing works, broken pipes and massive leaks happen. The homeowner tried to call the handyman, but the homeowner had a hard time getting a hold of the handyman plus there was no warranty given in case of issues. Fast forward, a licensed plumber is now called after damage to the floor and ceiling was observed. Then homeowner ended up spending more money.

    Trust us, hiring a licensed plumber will save you from future headaches. They may cost more than a handyman, but you have an assurance that the job will be well-done, and in case issues might arise, there will surely go back and fix it with no extra charges.

  4. Efficiency

    Even if you think that you have enough plumbing knowledge, the reality is there are things that only a licensed plumber will know and be able to do. In addition to having the right training and expertise, they also have the right tools. So instead of trying to troubleshoot your plumbing problem, save yourself from stress, do more with your time instead and have a professional diagnose the issue for you. With experience under their belt, they will easily be able to pinpoint the cause of your plumbing issue and repair it efficiently. In addition, chances of going back and forth with an unresolved issue will most likely not happen, plus they may also be able to see other plumbing issues and make necessary recommendations.

  5. Safety is guaranteed with licensed plumbers keeping homes up to code

    safety first 1

    Your licensed plumbers are updated with local building codes. The building codes are mandated to keep homeowners safe through strict implementation of rules and regulations. Plumbers must execute the building codes to avoid the spread of disease and accidents. So, this is another good reason why you should choose a licensed plumber, be able to avoid code violations and make sure that your family is safe.

How to find the right plumber?

Find the right plumber

The DIY route, hiring a handyman, and calling your neighbors to fix your plumbing issue could result in bigger problems and even present danger for your household. If you are now convinced that a licensed plumber is the way to go in case of a plumbing emergency – woohoo! You are making a smart and informative decision. You are guaranteed that a licensed plumber will solve your plumbing issue efficiently, and safely and even help you avoid future headaches.

With this, we are also throwing in some tips to help you find the right plumber for you:

  • Make sure to always ask for their license
  • Ask for proof of insurance
  • Before hiring, make sure that you have asked for at least three contractors
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially about their experience
  • You can also ask for a reference or past jobs; you can also check out reviews
  • Don’t be shy to ask for safety records
  • Ask if they provide a warranty
  • Always choose local or plumbers near you, this will be easier in case of emergency plus it may lower the cost (plumbers may add extra to cover the travel cost)
  • Observe how the communication goes between the two of you. Do they readily answer questions, does the communication seems smooth, etc. this will be a good indicator of how your interaction will be
  • In case you think you have found the right plumber for you, don’t forget to ask for the contract and make sure the payment part is black and white (no hidden charges)

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