7 Things Your Plumber Wishes To Tell On World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing Day

March 11 is World Plumbing Day and to celebrate the occasion, we asked some professional plumbers if there was something they want to tell their clients (you). We went to different Facebook groups and got some answers. Here are the top 7 things (Do read the last one) your plumber wishes to tell you on World Plumbing Day.

Note: The views presented in this post are the plumbers. We are just acting as a medium to communicate these to you.

1.    Don’t ever buy from Home Depot

It got us curious. What was so wrong about home depot? When we asked them, here’s the reply we got. “The faucets, shower valves, and fixtures are all inferior (at least in Massachusetts). Most of them are not even approved to be installed in the state. Home Depot can be an excellent choice for some things but never for plumbing.”

2.    Don’t DIY

“It will cost you more when you call up a plumber to fix the mess you create while trying to do it yourself.” We completely agree with the statement. DIY disasters are as common as the trend of DIY in the USA. Moreover, DIYs are not as cheap as they seem to be. You need to get lots of equipment, spend time researching and risk a lot. Too much for a plumbing task!

3.    Go for licensed contractors

“Hire only licensed plumbers. Verify their standing with the state. Get copies of their insurance and verify that they’re covered. Unlicensed activity is a plague of our profession. It not only makes us lose business but also leads to unhappy clients.” Not a win-win situation right? Hiring an unlicensed plumber can be risky from a legal and general safety point of view. And what do you get in the end? Save a few pennies that will eventually make you spend hundreds of dollars!

4.    Ensure there’s no compensation and liability lapse

“Many contractors continue to provide services without proper insurance. It leads to defective build issues which are often not covered by insurance due to this lapse caused by the contractors.”

This is serious. Some states have even passed a law to cancel the licenses of the contractors who don’t have insurance. You must be cautious while hiring for your interest.

5.    One thing you must remember when considering the cost to hire

“Good plumbers ain’t cheap and cheap plumber ain’t good.”

Everything said and explained well at one point. It looks like some plumbers are creative in writing as well!

6.    Don’t flush the paper towel down the toilet

“Flushing the paper towels down the toilet will cost you a lot.”

Do you know that the toilets are designed to flush down only two things – feces and toilet paper? Anything else you flush down the toilet will eventually cause a clog. Many a time, it raises a very dangerous and severe block.

7.    Plumbers save lives

“Recognize that plumbers have saved more lives than any other profession.”

This isn’t just a random statement. It is backed by a lot of proof and incidences. Don’t worry! We were also sceptical to believe this when we first heard this but then this news piece about how plumbing eradicated diseases changed what we thought about plumbing and plumbers.

Plumbers are great people who have served us and saved us from lots of troubles. They deserve respect and recognition. So, on this World Plumbing Day, we propose that you call up your local plumber and thank him for his services. He has done a great job so far in saving people. He deserves it! What do you think?

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